GUS still #1--CALM down. Remember

GUS has to fly home. WE gave him 5 hours.

He has to get home. Time to talk to him.

This is a process. They will talk.

Remember the path to Auburn home…

Just stop.

I hope Gus stays on the plains!

Keep it coming 339. Right or wrong I love your passion.

You make the waiting interesting.

Who would we hire that is better than Gus?

So we have a Just stop

Hope he stays in the planes

Keep it coming. Right or wrong I love your passion

THANKS, it’s in my blood. I was born there. PASSION LOVE MY HAWGS!!

ANYBODY got any better info that I have? Bake with a fan, whatever.

MAYBE I"M wrong, but ya can’t say I didn’t try to help our HOGS!!!

ZIP. Not with his experance. And Ft Smith is home.

Who knows? Dabo was a WR coach when he got the big job…

Imagine the pressure he’s under from family in Ft Smith, his wife, his Springdale Church, his NWA followers, and his closest friends. They all want him to come home.

The money is there. He has more pressure to leave than to stay.

If the Auburn “key people” don’t show him the immediate love he needs, then he will likely cave to the “Arkansas” pressure.

I think the momentum is on our side.

This is so true. TON of pressure from home here.

On the flip side look what 2 LOSES and they wanted to fire him. RUN HIM OUT OF TOWN!! TON of pressure there.

They will not run the table next year, somebody gets hurt. POOR AUBURN 2 backs hurt. WE tripled that number!!