Gus Receives "Vote of Confidence" … us-malzahn


Gus is making $7,000,000 this year and has a guaranteed buyout of $35,000,000. He probably is not too worried about getting fired. Pay somebody $35,000,000 to do nothing. He’s probably hoping they fire him. Pretty good unemployment pay. The world and SEC football is crazy.

I do not expect it to cost Auburn $35 million. I do think Gus would probably take less. And, you also have to believe that he’s not going to stay unemployed. Jimmy Sexton may have him another job any day now.

I do agree that the world is crazy.

16 million is due to him in 30 days if he is fired this year. Fire me I would say.

This Gus situation reminds me of me a long time ago when I was in college here in Fayetteville. I had a girl friend and I, for lack of a better word, dumped her. She was a pretty girl with all the right accessories, if you know what I mean. She just wasn’t the one. She got another boyfriend in a few months, and it bothered me. It bothered me so much…I made it a point to re-start my deal with her. I knew I didn’t love her, but I didn’t want anybody else to have her either. I was jealous. That didn’t last, of course, and I went on my way. She knew it bothered me to see her with the new guy, so I am sure she got pleasure from that. Yeah, we were young and immature.

That was the situation at Auburn last year… They didn’t want Gus, but they didn’t want Arkansas to have Gus, so they broke the bank to pay for a guy they didn’t even love. Gus had two schools after him, like my girlfriend did except two guys. The result was the same…an unsatisfactory ending, except for Gus. He hit the jackpot .

I think it was a situation where they beat their two rivals, then lost the title game. He was in tight water until the two wins. Then, it was right back where you started when they lost in the title game. They really didn’t know what they wanted at that point. What you say happened might be close to the truth. They knew the issues. But they wondered what in the world to really do about it.

I am happy that Auburn won that bidding match since they lost big in doing so.

Imagine Gus unemployed and the Hogs struggling again next year. The Malzahnistas will rise up in fury if we don’t hire him right away. I hope he stays in Auburn.

If Gus can’t win with that Auburn talent, he surely can’t with ours currently.
After he gets his 16 mil the 1st month of unemployment, he can just relax & then work with HDN on the SEC network, lol.