Gus put a "Jimmy Johnson" on us.

Worst butt whipping since Jimmy coached Miami and came to Little Rock mad he didn’t get this job. Well, Gus did the same thing last night. He laid the wood to us and did’n even need to pass to do it. He wanted the Arkansas job, but we just did not want him or at least Jeff Long did not.

I am 68 years old and have been going to the games since I was 5. I would like to win an SEC Championship before I die, but we are so far way from that goal at this time it doesn’t look too likely.

I don’t know the answer…I wish I did. I wonder what Jeff Long is thinking about this morning as he sips his coffee?

Not sure if it’s simply about not being selected fir the Arkansas job - that I’m sure is in the mix

The Auburn fans I know at work say Gus best start performing or he will be gone in two years max

This pummeling of Arkansas was as much a beed to pacify the Auburn fans and boosters for Gus job security as anything

Ark is Not respected by SEC fans as a upper tier program

If you want to be big time you can’t lose to Arkansas

This is a perception Ark can only change by winning over time

Of course last night did not help