Gus: Pls. help me understand

Oh yeah… I’m sure you would…

You’re a typical keyboard warrior, no way you’d call address him as St. Gus, then go on to tell him how he’s such a bad person in your sarcastic smug tone you have about him on here.

You clearly think he’s a second rate citizen, to you.

I’m sure you would.

HDN had to put limits on Malzahn.

Malzahn’s first game vs USC: 14-50 home loss
9 carries McFadden
7 carries Jones
3 Hilis

HDN told Malzahn after the game, do what you want with the offense as long as McFadden gets at least 20-25 touches, Jones 15 and Monk 5. My numbers may be off, but that’s the gist.

I think we’ve spotted a Gussite ^^^^^^^^^

No, you’ve spotted someone calling out a bunch of hypocrites.

They get mad and say the exact same thing when others have said bad things about the current coach.

I don’t think grown men should be hiding behind a keyboard bad mouthing someone they don’t know or have met on occasion.

I don’t know Gus, I played against him when he was at Henderson St. I also was raised with some class, and don’t bad mouth people as freely as some. Of course where I’m from you’d get your ass whipped if you did.

It’s just childish nonsense. He’s not even the coach and people are throwing fits calling him names, saying anything negative that can be said, and they probably have no idea what he’s really like. I’ve heard a lot of really good things about Gus, and he’s sure a good coach.
Grow up, as many have said, this is just a man, with a wife and two daughters, how would you like if someone talked about you like that and your kids found out? Because I know everyone on this board isn’t just a holy roller like they pretend to be.

Keyboard warriors attack!

My beef with Gus is before he was ever with the UA or any college. Gus was openly recruiting players to Shiloh ($ was involved) and then running the score up big time on HS coaches in Arkansas. The only HS coaches in Arkansas that like him are the ones that never played him. You may not know or care but 2 men in this state carry the blame for the rule changes that occurred in the AAA affecting HS classifications. Coach Malzahn from his Shiloh days and Coach Kelly at PA. Gus started it all though. Before there was Gus, public and private high schools in Arkansas got along just fine. Then, along came st gus and his $$$$ ways. He’s a perfect fit at Auburn. His POS actions have hurt many high school players in this state. So yes, put me in a room with the guy and I’ll tell him exactly what I think.

The biggest problem that game was Felix Jones fumbling twice in the first half. … ansas.html

I get both sides of the equation:

  • a HC (who had called plays for years) not wanting to completely turn over playcalling to a guy right out of college.
  • an upstart former HS coach with an innovative system feeling slighted that he couldn’t do what he was told he could do.

IMO, and it’s obviously just an opinion, we would have been better off if they would have let Gus fully implement the offense and he stayed for 3-4 years as our OC.

I’m sure you would like I said.

I underarand that there are those with real issues with Gus.
I know he ran scores up, so did my coach. We beat the breaks off of schools in high school, that’s part of it.
Sure it’s not safe for the kids, but football has come a long way in 20 years, and there’s a lot of things that have been brought to light. Also, when you have a really good team, sometimes you try not to score and still do. There was a time when I was in highschool we were up 55-0 on a team at the end of the 1st quarter, we punted on 1st down in the second half.

But next time he’s in Arkansas I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to find him and tell him how you feel. He’s a big fella, I’m sure he could handle it.

Calm down, tough guy. The first poster you’re throwing a hissy fit about is a woman and one of the nicest people on this board.

People call him St. Gus because of the exact kind of rant you just went on, here.

He can do no wrong. He’s the best, most righteous person in the world.

I’ve been here about 20 years longer than you do you may not know me, but I’m not anonymous. I know many of the posters and am not hiding behind anything.

The difference between Gussiah and CBB is that Bielema is someone I respect as a person based on what I’ve seen.

Based on what I have seen of Gussiah, he is not.

That’s not being hypocritical it’s just having a different opinion than you.

It’s a message board. Opinions are exchanged. Kinda how it works.

You miss the biggest point. He wa$ recruiting even then at $hiloh. If you’re at public high school A and you’re just that much better than everyone else, then I get it. The score is going to get out of hand and most of the time even when you’re playing your sophomores it’s lopsided. But we aren’t talking about that. We’re talking about st. gus going out and recruiting by $, then running up the score with his first team passing and trying to score late into the 4th quarter. Then he acts all pious - there’s the real hypocrisy for you.

Who cares how big a guy he is - like Swine said, what’s he going to do ? Punch me? If only he tried.

I think we’ve spotted a Gussite ^^^^^^^^^

What you need to understand id this …Arkansas has offered Gus a very lucrative deal. It is his to decline.

Well my post wasn’t directed towards you.

I don’t care who the posters are man or woman, they need to act like adults. Name calling and smearing isn’t what an adult does on a message board.

Thank you for the breakdown, I understand how they work, even though I’ve not been a member for 20 years.

You don’t have to like Gus that’s fine. You also don’t have to call him names.

People sure didn’t like it when folks called Bret names or talked negatively about him.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But you should also have some class and respect because there are those who do like Gus, I have friends who think very highly of him. Just like bret, I have friends who think very highly of him. I personally don’t like him as a coach, but you won’t see me bashing him. I’ve also heard some about him as a person good and bad, but I reserve my comments because I’ve never met the man to form a real honest opinion. Even if I didn’t like him then I sure wouldn’t call him names and trash him on a message board.

Ben’s Apartment is still open …

I know what Shiloh does as far as recruiting. We had a kid go there just about 5 years ago to play, and t worked out wel for him, he went on to play college ball.

I wasn’t talking about how big physically he is, although he is a big guy, I was talking figuratively, that he could handle the conversation.

Big deal, you hold grudges over something that happens 20 years ago? Jeez, glad I’ve never done you wrong!

If you are trying to say he cheated at the high school level with money to players, is that speculation or you can offer factual evidence. Or are you talking about free-tuition to play at a nice private school? Nothing wrong with that.

Regardless, it is irrelevant. It was 20 years ago, he was young, people grow up believe it or not.

He’s never said a cross word about the UofA, and has had a very successful career.

It may be 20 years ago to you, but my son is paying for his actions now. So yes, it’s still a big deal to me. And as far as tuition scholarships, when you are going out cherry picking the best athletes and offering them a private school education, that is cheating. And yes, I have been told by 2 students who went there (20 years ago) that they received some housing $ to come play, although it was handled through the church as a charitable assistance. (Very similar to a certain Cam Newton scam).

We aren’t going to agree on this but let’s take another approach - go back as far as you can and honestly assess how polarizing Gus is. Ask yourself if that’s what you really want at the UA.

Auburn as HC - obviously very polarizing
A-State: polarizing to that university as well as deliberately polarizing toward UA fans
Auburn as OC - polarizing . More rumors he didn’t get along with the HC and the DC.
Tulsa - polarizing. Wore out his welcome with the HC.
Arkansas - nuff said on this one. There was a huge split in the state over it whether wrong or right.
Shiloh - polarizing. I’ve heard from more than one person that he wore out his welcome with the pastor.

Everywhere the guy has been - polarizing. I don’t think we have to go that route to get a good coach who can win here but you’ll find a lot of financial support is removed from the UA if he comes and will wind up with other universities in the state.

I gotta ask - how is your son paying for things now that happened 20 years ago? That’s a pretty serious charge and if you don’t mind what are the specifics.

I’ve never understood the Gus hate. He was brought in by Lindsey to be OC. What was he supposed to do? Turn down the job? Then he was treated like crap by Nutt and staff the entire year. Nutt tried to steal his thunder by claiming Danny invented the wildcat then Reggie Herring referring to him as “high school.”

Gus could have told both of them to _____ off but instead he never disparaged them publicly at all. All the guy has ever done is win. We would be lucky to get him.

That’s all pretty fair. If Malzahn becomes our coach I suppose I’ll have to either grin and bear it our disengage. I find him to be someone I really dislike for a lot of different reasons. Other than Briles, he’s the last person I want to be our HC.

It is not an uncommon thing for private schools to offer scholarships to athletes, in fact it’s very common. So in my mind, there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact you should be happy for the kids, it’s a great opportunity for them

As for your son, I’m sorry to hear that. Football is a physical sport, everyone knows that when they sign up. I have my own issues, I had to have shoulder surgery after high school. I went on and played in college and probably could use another one, I pay for it every day, but it was my choice to play.

As far as your polarizing argument, I think that is highly over exaggerated. They loved him at Astate and were unhappy that he left, I know this to be a fact as I have several family members that are red wolves/Indians whatever the heck they are.

I do not think he is the problem at Auburn, I think Auburn is the problem, just like they have been for every coach. Their fans and Boosters are unlike any others, because they have unreal expectations due to big brother across the state. Yes Auburn is a fantastic program, but they are not Alabama.

Things with Gus seem to be really over played around here. He has kept quiet about the UofA and never said anything bad, if he’s truly interested while at Auburn, we should be grateful because anyone else would never leave a top 10 program to come here.

Let’s also not forget he’s only been a Head Coacha t the college level for 6 years, so he’s just starting to figure things out. Everyone has a learning curve, even really good coaches, looks like he is starting to really get it.

Exactly. That’s always been my thought.

What a jerk for not turning down a position like that.

What a jerk for leaving a complete mess with Nutt, and bettering his career.