Gus: Pls. help me understand

… why some Hog fans have a negative opinion of Gus Malzahn


06-07. It wasn’t just HDN causing the issues. Gus was stirring the pot. Many in AR also point to his tactics as a HS coach. I just remember him from the OC at AR year. He also kind of screwed over A St “I’m gonna be here awhile, and we are gonna become Boise of the South”. Less than a year later he was on the plains talking about how much him and his family loved it

I don’t know the man. He’s fine with me.

Do you really not know or is this just a thread started to talk about how pious he is?

There’s plenty of evidence out there giving people lots of reasons to despise Malzahn.

The real short version. Nutt was forced by Frank and Lindsey to hire Gus and let him call plays. Nutt fought it from the gitgo. It was a bad year due to their infighting.

At the end of the year, Nutt hired Bob Lee to come in and be the co-offensive coordinator with Gus. This caught Gus off guard and he promptly resigned and went to Tulsa.

To Gus’ credit, throughout all this, he has never to this day uttered a negative word about or to Nutt.

So basically there are two groups that don’t like Gus, 1, Nutt supporters and 2 former high school coaches Gus used to beat the dog out of. They thought Gus illegally recruited.

Gus didn’t have to say a word in public. The Shiloh Mafia did his dirty work for him. Still doing it, it seems.

Not true. There are plenty of people who fall into neither group and simply find him to be an overrated, phony prosethelytizer.

Which is why (along with the fact that he coached at Shiloh) I call him st. gus (yes the lower case is on purpose.)

I don’t get the hate either.

Everywhere he’s been… from Hughes, to Shiloh, to Springdale, to Arkansas, to Tulsa, to Auburn, to A-State, and back to Auburn… the team immediately gets better. His only rough spot was 2014-16 at Auburn.

And, he’s a Razorback. He played for 2 years under Hatfield.

Is there another coach with Arkansas connections anywhere in the world who is currently coaching who has a better resume than him?


But there are plenty of folks who love to tel you all of his characteristics that have probably never met the man.
I guaran damn tee you they wouldn’t say half of what’s said about him to his face either.

He’s a good coach and we’d be lucky to have him.

How is this different than people using Bert?

True … but it won’t be Gus.

I’d say it to his face. What’s he gonna do, punch me?

To be honest, I could tolerate Gus being a hypocritical, backstabbing jerk; I don’t have to deal with his hypocrisy on a daily basis. What I cannot deal with is that he has submerged himself in the Auburn cesspool, where if it might help you beat Bama you do it, regardless of legality. Then he got out, then went straight back in. Which tells me he’s probation waiting to happen. Auburn is better at cheating than we are; they have more practice. Thus Auburn can get away with stuff we can’t.

As for Bert vs. Saint Gus, BB is our coach, at least for the next five days. Gus the Hypocrite isn’t. And hopefully never will be. be.

I know Gus … and I get Swine’s rant, but he is a good guy, looks out for number one and his family. As we all should. If he takes the job, that he asked about, and has been offers to him … then i Will be a full blown Gus supporter.

Clay or Dudley, or someone else with knowledge please tell me where I’m wrong? I’ve posted this before, and no one ever comments. I don’t believe my facts are wrong.

  1. Whatever the circumstances or details, the Razorbacks gave Malzahn an opportunity of a lifetime to be an SEC OC, straight from coaching high school.

  2. Mustain wasn’t developing. He seemed to regress as the season went along.

  3. Malzahn had been his QB coach since HC.

  4. Tony Romo had recently credited David Lee with his success.
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  5. Nutt had a chance to bring in David Lee, but Lee wouldn’t come as a position coach.

  6. Nutt brought in Lee as co-OC.

  7. Malzahn, just one-year out of being a HC coach, thought he knew more than his HC. He got his feelings hurt, quit and took his ball to Tulsa.

  8. Mustain, without Malzahn around to lead and counsel him, decided to transfer to USC.

I’ve always blamed Malzahn for deserting the Razorbacks. He showed no gratitude or loyalty to the program that gave him his big opportunity.

I’ve blamed Malzahn for Mustain transferring.

Mustain would have likely started the next three seasons had Malzahn stayed.

Imagine what kind of team we would have had with Malzahn calling plays, Lee developing Mustain and an offense with McFadden, Jones, Hillis, and Monk.

Where am I wrong?

All that said, I’ll support the Razorbacks if Malzahn is our coach, just not sure if I’ll like our coach. I may have to stop going to the catfish hole radio show. I think he owes us an apology.

Not Clay or an “insider” … but you are wrong on about 50% of that.

Honestly, I was being kind. That may be the most one-sided, simplistic version Ive ever heard. No … just no.

I think you got it just about right from my recollection. My only point of departure is I don’t blame Gus for leaving. Although we were told that Gus was the OC, everyone knew that HDN had shackles on what plays to run. I understand where HDN was coming from since he had McFadden, Jones and Hillis in the backfield. I also understood (although I hated to see him go) Malzahn leaving so he could fully incorporate his offense at Tulsa. Bigger than Mustain was losing Damien Williams to USC where he was 1st team PAC-10 at WR and PR.

I would love the opportunity to tell him what I think of him to his face. What’s he going to do? Get mad? Who the heck cares!!!

I would love the opportunity to tell him what I think of him to his face. What’s he going to do? Get mad? Who the heck cares!!!

You may get the chance. If he accepts.