Gus or Norvell; Who do you want?

Most of the rumors center on these two guys.

If Auburn loses to Alabama, Gus is the new HC.
If they win but then lose to Georgia, Gus is the new HC.
If they beat both and go to the BCS playoffs, Norvell is the guy.

So if that’s it, who do you want and why?

I’m intrigued by Norvell. I think he will be a great coach throughout his career. If he had more SEC experience I’d pick him. He also has no drama surrounding him.

Gus should hit the ground running much faster. He likely would put a better staff together. His recruiting in the first 2-3 years should be better than Norvell’s. He brings drama and potentially some of the fan base won’t support him.

If it were me, I’d pick Gus because it yields quicker results. If we end up with Norvell, I’d be just a little less satisfied. I’d be hoping I was wrong about how long it’l take him to get the program to be a consistent 8-9 win season team.

If those are the only two choices, it’s Norvell.

I don’t think those are the only two choices.



I have not been the biggest fan but you have to take a shot at a proven high level commodity like Gus, first.

Coached to national title game and been SEC coach of the year, maybe motivated to do same for his home state.

I like Norvell and he might prove our to be great if he can command great hires as SEC coordinators and recruiters. Lack of SEC experience makes me a touch concerned. But he brings an enthusiasm we have not seen since Nutt’s first year.

Personally, I think most of the great ones have their issues to some degree. Holtz has his and Saban has his as well.

If Gus or someone with similar credentials with experience at highest levels of college ball want it, I think we have to give them chance to say no first.

This. Exactly this.

I am intrigued by your comment that the rumors are centered on these two. Does anyone remember how many of the rumors were proclaiming that we would be hiring BB in the last search?

To answer your question, though, anyone but Malzahn!

Not gus

Not gus

Gus… we missed the primary opportunity to hire him 5 years ago

Anyone, EXCEPT Gus.

norvell…no gus

young, enthusiastic, seems to want to be here. innovative.

Also not pompous, arrogant visor-wearing smug type of guy. also hasn’t coached at Auburn, one of the sleaziest, cheatingest, yet holier-than-thou swamps in the country. I don’t want any of that slime to rub off on our hogs.


Of those 2 I want Norvell. I think it is going to someone else.

Norvell. Young, energetic, innovative, exciting brand of football. And less divisive. Time for a completely fresh start. If it’s Gus or someone else, I will support them. But Norvell is my pick.


Gus. He’s the only option among those who have a national championship as a coordinator and was a head coach in a NC game. He’d have the support of high school coaches for recruiting and would put together a stronger staff than Norvell or anyone else, for that matter. Winning would take care of those who favored another candidate.

It’s Gus’s job if he wants it … thats a given. I just hope he wins next weekend and tells us to move on. Everyone’s next up is Norvell. That could be a home run or a pop fly. Who knows what he will be. The next Head Hog should be Kiffin.

Just flip a coin if that’s the only 2 options.

Brings drama, may create more here with divided fan base. There are still Gus lovers & haters & majority of all are on the fence I think.
May recruit better initially, would definitely need his current DC.
Rest of SEC teams/coaches know how his teams operate and handled it fairly well even with his top 5 & 10 recruiting classes better talent than he has here.

Young energetic, may have more drive & passion, wants to prove himself at a P5 school in the best conference. Does he have the connections to hire great coordinators & recruiters who may feel they should have his job.
Big step up from where he is now to come try to revive 6 years of a stagnant program against some of the best coaches & teams in college football.

Better expand the list.

I’d choose Gus between those two but Norvell is a very solid plan B. I’d be happy with either one.