Gus not getting his way in OC search

“People with influence” at Auburn don’t like who Saint Gus wants to hire.

Which is why you don’t let people get that kind of influence. You gotta let the coach hire his staff. If he’s wrong, then you get rid of them. But somehow I’m not surprised Allbarn has this kind of soap opera stuff going on.

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The irony. Gus is getting an offensive coordinator forced on him.

Gus is dealing with economic realities. When you’re way over budget for players, the new offensive bag man coordinator pay is greatly reduced.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Chip Lindsey from Arizona St, supposedly his first choice. … 2743052289

OK, I didn’t even know Rhett Lashlee left. Why would you leave Auburn to go to UConn for the same position? I assume it was a “leave on your own or get fired” type of deal???

Rhett took a big pay cut to leave too. Some speculated he might be getting out from under Gus’ shadow to go for HC job later. More likely he was encouraged to leave a la Robb Smith.

I think the more likely scenario is that Lashlee wasn’t running the offense, never would run the offense (despite the lip service at the first of the season), and knew everyone else saw it the same way.

Just throw in some upset parents going to the AD and one might confuse Gus for Houston Nutt.

Nutt still has the knife wound (in his back) inflicted by Guss.

Donors usually win at Aubbie, but not this time: … ordinator/