Gus needs a day or two .....

To make a decision. He just spent the last few weeks and yesterday in the pressure cooker of college football. Let the guy have a day or two to figure out which way he wants to go. Surely you don’t expect him to come off the field and get on a plane to come to Fayetteville. Nobody would do that. Let him relax a bit and gather his thoughts and make a proper decision for he and his family. It might not go our way, but it might. If not, we move on.

It didn’t stop Scott Frost from getting on a plane for Lincoln. My guess is, if Gus truly has an offer from us on the table (meaning he hasn’t told us no thanks), Jimmy Sexton is working feverishly to get Auburn to top it.

I’m all for Gus but either you want it or you don’t.
Stop playing with us. Meanwhile Norville, leach.,venables or Morris get scooped up and we hire skip


And I don’t know why Gus deserves anything with the kind of money being discussed. If he wants to come home as much as everyone thinks he does, he would have accepted any reasonable offer from the UA.

For the money involved, no one needs a day or two to contemplate. Recruiting is vital & a deadline is approaching. Someone needs to decide today. The introductory press conference can be tomorrow, but the decision needs to come now. That way we can go to #2 who’ll also need to decide quickly. If we still don’t have a coach nailed down before Tuesday, we’ve got problems beyond the usual ones that come with replacing AD’s & HC’s.

The only time Gus needs if he wants the job is two days to pack.

What difference is today or tomorrow? We’re talking about who will lead the program for 5-10 years. You can’t wait a day or two? You guys must not want him to come. I wonder who is on our side of the table?

The problem isn’t so much one or two days, it’s this particular one or two day. It’s also not just giving him one or two days if he were to say “yes,” but then the 1 or 2 days we’d also be obligated to give our 2nd choicce, then our 3rd. Any coach we bring in also has to hire & fire staff.

It’s not like this is something Gus hasn’t even thought about. (I know the coachspeak about “only thinking about the game,” but coaches are no difference than anyone else, they can think about more than one thing over the course of a few weeks.). Do you really think he just heard for the first time last night at 6:00 that Arkansas would like to offer you a job? Do you think he’s unfamiliar with the area, the school, the program?

If the earliest signing date were Feb, one or two days wouldn’t be that big a deal. Being less than 3 weeks away, it is.

Maybe he’s coming, but they have to get some things agreed upon before they can announce his hire. It’s not even noon the day after the game. We are going after him…he did not go after us.

Here’s one who is willing to admit that I don’t want him to come! He’s a drama queen, as we are seeing again.

He only needs a day or two if Sexton tells him that by waiting he can squeeze more dough out of the “winner”.

A lot of folks are awfully critical and sure what this other human being needs to do and when to do it.

Honestly, it’s got to be a tough decision. And we would all struggle with it if we were in same position.
I am sure he is torn.

I believe a part of him really wants to come home, or at least his wife does. I also believe he wants to win big. And these two things appear diametrically opposed at the present. I truly believe he is having a hard time with it.

Easy for us to sit here and say this or that, how hard can it be with that kind of money, etc.
But I can imagine I would struggle in the same situation.

Maybe we’d all struggle with it, doc, but time isn’t something we have the luxury of giving him. It might be something we’re willing to give him if we think he’ll come down in our favor, but if he called us up Tuesday afternoon & said no, we better be damned sure our #2 choice is just waiting by the phone for our offer.

What difference is today or tomorrow? We’re talking about who will lead the program for 5-10 years. You can’t wait a day or two? You guys must not want him to come. I wonder who is on our side of the table?

Not as many as you think. The Gus bus is half full…at best. There’s even only a handful of the media that are puckered on his posterior. (present company excluded)