Gus Malzahn at Auburn: Are you impressed?

Listening to Bo and Mike Irwin talk about Gus.

Are you impressed with Malzahn’s job performance at Auburn?

His overall and SEC record hasn’t been much better than Bielema’s.

Gus’s SEC record over the past three seasons (2014, 2015 and 2016) was a combined 11-13.

Bielema’s SEC record over 2014, 2015, 2016 = 10-14.

Just considering 2015 and 2016 seasons: Bielema SEC 8-8; Gus 7-9. Gus only survived 2016 because a last-second winning TD pass by LSU was wiped away, when the replay showed the clock hit 0:00 before the snap.

Would Gus be able to do better at Arkansas with recruiting classes ranked around #20?

Auburn Nat’l Recruiting Rankings
2013 #10
2014 #6
2015 #8
2016 #9
2017 #9

Auburn Overall and SEC Record under Gus
2013 12-2, SEC 7-1
2014 8-5, SEC 4-4
2015 7-6, SEC 2-6
2016 8-5, SEC 5-3
2017 7-2, SEC 5-1 thus far, with talent people say is on par with Bama.

I’ll never understand the Arkansas media’s adoration of Gus…kind of sickening.

If the choice is Gus or Bret…give me Gus!

If the choice is Gus or Norvell… give me Norvell!

If the choice is Bret or Lester Miles…give me a shot of bourbon. Make it a double… no a triple !!!

I don’t think Gus would change things much. I know he has a cult in NWA, but he has not done much at Auburn landing top ten recruiting classes. The 2013 season was a good one, but they had more miracles happen then since Jesus was around.

It would be a bad move. IMO

Gus was a dram king during his time on the hill as an offensive coordinator and his lack of loyalty to the team by causing turmoil was simply childlike. To be a good leader you first have to be able to follow.
His record isn’t any better than CBB with a lot more talent.
So between the two CBB or Gus I’ll keep CBB! I’d take Veneables or Pruitt.

no…nor with CBB

Wouldn’t be first on my list, but he’d be a heck of an improvement over what we have now.

I noticed that someone cherry picked some numbers on his and CBBs conference record, and in those 3 years they were only 3 games or so off, but that’s exactly what cherry picking does. If you show the entire story (13, and 17) also, you get a much, much different number.

Auburn may have talent, but it’s no easy gig, they expect an awful lot out of their coach because of the big beast across the state.

I still like Norvell the most, but if Gus was the end choice, I wouldn’t be mad, he’s a lot more prepared to win at Arkansas than Bret was, or will ever be.

No Gus, please no Gus. Wish him the best unless he plays us, but I don’t want the drama that would play out with that.

Good information. I know he’s a genius & all, but I don’t think he’s been especially successful at Auburn. Your data shows that. I don’t think he’s going to be especically successful in 2017, either. He still has UGA & Alabama to play. Likely to lose to both. That’s 8-4. Given the recruiting class rankings, that’s not so great. It’s the kind of thing to get a coach fired at Auburn.

Regardless, I don’t want him here. And I don’t think he’d be hired. I don’t understand the fascination some people have with him. I’d have thought Springdale would be over him by now.


More drama than king.

I would have much rather had Gus hired when Bielema was hired. His record at Auburn is miles ahead of Coach Bielema. He took Auburn to the National Championship game and probably should have won. Most of you Malzahn haters are Nutt lovers who never forgave Gus for your perception that Gus got Nutt fired. To my knowledge, Gus simply left because Nutt and his staff made it abundantly clear he wasn’t wanted at Arkansas. So, he left. How many of us would have stayed where we were not wanted…not many of us. I have never heard Gus or seen it quoted from Gus where he said anything negative about Houston Nutt during his time at Arkansas. I think Malzahn has shown he is a much better head coach than Houston Nutt.

For the record, I have never met Gus Malzahn. But I know this…the guy is a winner everywhere he has been.

No on Gus Malzahan. I don’t like the gimmikie offense. A good defense always shuts it down.

With less talent at Arkansas, he would do no better than anyone else.

I’d rather have Bielema than Gus.


ask around programs where Gus has been. Ask HS coaches in Arkansas and Texas for that matter if they like Gus. You would be surprised as to how arrogant, etc. Saint Gus is. There is a reason he leaves quickly.

Pike, that is interesting. I know he is not well liked by quite a few people. I thought it was because of Houston Nutt. Some of my buddies can’t stand him. I don’t know him, but the guy can coach. I don’t think it really matters because I don’t see him ever being hired here. It is a moot point, I guess.

I was at the 1 Jan 2007 Citrus Bowl in Orlando. Coach Bielema vs Coach Nutt, with Gus on the sidelines. I remember reading in the next weeks how Nutt had been texting a lady who wasn’t his wife just minutes before the kickoff and thinking, “Whatttt?” I also remember seeing Mitch Mustain standing on the sideline, well away from the other players and thinking that he wasn’t going to be there much longer and trying to figure out, “What went wrong there–wasn’t he undefeated as a starter that year?” I think the whole Springdale high school kids and the drama with Mustain is what turned people against Gus. For what reason, I don’t know the details. I wasn’t living in Arkansas and didn’t read the “insider” views back then (if it even existed). But, I remember thinking that I liked Gus’s approach to offense. I liked that he maximized the use of that great trio of running backs that he had at his disposal. But, I also understand how you need a coach who can begin with as clean a slate as possible and that might not work with Gus. But, then again, I like Bielema. I just don’t like his game day coaching.

Gus has better recruiting rankings the last 3 years and 1 more conference win than CBB and you would still want him. The man does less with more talent.
He’s self absorbed and arrogant! He shouldnt say anything about his time on the hill. Look at the players he caused to transfer and the confusion and turmoil he caused. Heck I don’t like Nutt either but Gus was not doing his part for the team to help build a winner. You sure don’t need a cancer on any staff that’s more concerned about themselves than the team!
Gus has been promoting within the coaching ranks to a position of total incompetence! When he is fired at Auburn I just wonder where he will end up! I just pray it’s not at Fayetteville as a HC.

Agree completely. Or some of the fans around here that bring him up at every opportunity.

the polarization of Gus has persisted for years and years now

the passion remains.

has outlasted the antiHDN vitrol .

i have never understood it either. l

he wont be HC at arkansas anytime soon so it doesnt matter… yet here we are talking about him again

Reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day…