Gus just burned the bridge home to the ground

and I’m fine with that. The Gus club was ready to break the bank to bring him to Arkansas and Gus said thanks but no thanks. I’ve never been on the Gus bus so this doesn’t bother me in the least.
They did get Gus a raise big enough to choke a cow. To the Gus fans, let’s be clear. This is not his dream job. At least it isn’t anymore. He had his chance to come back. He didn’t make the playoff, so there is no playing for a NC holding him there. If reports are correct, he would have made around 7 million a year to come back. It isn’t like the Gus lovers didn’t step up to the plate. He just prefers to be at Auburn, opposed to Arkansas. That is really what it came down to, where does he prefer to be HC. Gus has answered that question. Time to move on and get us a coach.

Nah. When they tire of him, again, he will crawl back and his worshippers will burn it down, again, to get him.

The best part of this is that the Gus group can and should now “zip it”. Their boy had his chance to “come home” and gave us the Heisman. So, at least we shouldn’t hear any bitching from them going forward.


Plus, we can pay $3-4M for a younger, excited coach that is thrilled to be here and motivated to take our program to a level where we can once again kick Gus’ butt.

“Winner” all the way around!

I was worried about the FBI investigating Auburn BB and that the FBI will look at their FB program. AU is in crazy mode with Bruce pearl not cooperating with the NCAA investigation.

Malzahn and the other turn coat Arkansawyers on his staff are vapor to me.

Gus is a smart man and knew he would never have the talent here he will have at Auburn. I am very glad he did not come as I think Morris is a much better fit for us and the Norvel kid has a lot of potential.

I’ve heard it said that Gus only wants to coach another five years or so. If that is the case, his new contract at Auburn will carry him through and he can walk away financially set for the rest of his life. Going with the assumption that he doesn’t plan on staying in coaching much longer, I can’t blame him for his decision to stay at Auburn. It would likely take him five years to really get things rolling here. He already has it rolling at Auburn. If he is indeed only planning on staying in coaching for a limited time, then Auburn gives him the best opportunity to win a NC in the next five to six years. He played his connections here to get himself the best possible contract he could get from Auburn. I’m personally glad he isn’t coming, never been a fan. Gus did what is best for Gus.