Gus is still #1-- Updated 8-PM 11/30/2017

REMEMBER nobody in Auburn believes this for ONE second!!

AND A QUESTION. Do HI people like my updates? Yes or No? care to share reason?

And a question below after a few thoughts.

Think about this for a moment. It’s like Trey Biddy saying a offer was on the table.

In the middle of the week?? Wrong. IF that was the case it would have been on Gus’s desk SUNDAY.

Now all this chatter that Gus and Jay Jacobs saying no talks till after the SEC Championship game. NO talks have been made.

Did you read DD response to that. His name is Jimmy Sexton. This happens all the time. Even in BIG business, EVERYDAY.

O Yes talks have and will continue.

BTW all the people will be leaving tomorrow for the SEC Game. Bottom line nothing taking place till next week.

IMO that goes for the AD search.

ONE more thing those that think I’m nutts is it because you don’t like Gus or WHAT??

Any questions or thoughts?

NOW, Who would like to cut the heart right out of Auburn??

I know you are getting good Scoop -thanks for sharing. If Gus says no who are you hearing is plan B?

I appreciate what you’re bringing to the board.

I’m on record that I despise Gus and that is true. It’s from his HS days. I’ve come grips that there is some likelihood of this happening. So my son and I talked about it because my feelings regarding Gus impact him much more than me. If he decides he can go with it, I will. If not, well I don’t really want to think of it. I don’t think central Arkansas people are enamored with the idea of Gus - mostly because it seems the BOT has pulled a coup to the interests of those that live in NWA. I’m guessing that’s where the money is coming from. Anyway, I’ll be pulling for an Auburn win (I hate Auburn) so every probability of Gus coming to the UA is reduced.

All that said, thanks for your contributions.

Auburn will steal Jimbo Fisher from A&M or go finally get Bobby Petrino as the anti-Malzahn replacement and they will be fine. They will not be able to wait for Malzahn to bring his Razorbacks to play them. It will be ugly. Auburn will be fine no matter what happens.


Someone else that supposedly has great inside info and has been right as much, if not more than 339 are saying Gus has been off the table for a week.

Some seem to think a “good” football coach who is trying to win a championship would actually be involved in contract negotiations.

I live in Little Rock, and Gus is pretty popular down here with most of the people I talk to. Why would he not be? If he leaves Auburn for home to come coach the Hogs, it would be a huge get for the program. The guy is a superb coach. He has won 2 SEC West titles, one SEC Title and maybe 2 within 5 years. He has played for a National Championship. What does it take for him to get respect?

Mike Norvell is #2.

If the Gus stays at home it’s a close close race.

If you have not followed this guy coaches a lot like Gus. Just not the experience.

Actually even my son knows the guy want’s the job. He dated his wife. LOL (not using son as a source)

#2- #3- #4 all close IMO. I mean BP just fell into our laps. just a few know all the answers, THE Game is huge.

Go Dawgs!!

I have no doubt he’s getting info from someone connected - doesn’t mean it will pan out. Things are fluid. Just like when you heard about a Coach from the northwest and that Norvell was headed to TN or FL. I’m sure that came from a good source but, again, things change.

Do you not like Gus? You are a Razorback fan right? And so who do you want to be the coach. OR who is going to be?

BTW CONTRACT negotiations is not the question. It’s IF he want’s to come home to Arkansas or not.

When your handed a business card over 14 monts ago that read

JEFF MUST GO, I thinkI know a little. Actually it was a .com address, and 1 more word.

Asked my thoughts and suggestions.


I’m not stupid, and neither is he. He WILL NOT COME TO ARKANSAS, WHICH IS WHAT YOU CLAIMED.

As for who should be our coach, I’m not sure. Of all the names mentioned I have skepticism of each one. An out of left field hire of Chris Petersen would probably excite me, but anyone else I’d have to really look at what they’re bringing.

Keep it coming!

I have no doubt Gus is the top target of whoever is running this coaching search. At least I know he’s the target of influential donors. I also have no doubt there’s some sort of contact with him, most likely through Jimmy Sexton, but if they have personal relationships, perhaps they’re bypassing Sexton.

However, I don’t believe for one second that Gus has assured anyone he is coming here. I’m sure he’s expressed interest, would like an offer, & might even be so unhappy there that he’d like to get out. But I don’t think he’d abandon the chance to win the NC & if he wins the SECCG, we can’t wait for those to end. And I don’t discount the strong possibility that he’s playing Auburn for a huge contract extension. If it’s high enough, he might coach there one more season & just leave. He won’t need a job.

Baked lets just agree to disagree. For one Gus and his wife do not like it there. Gus feels underappreciated. ALSO 2 board members can not stand St. Gus.Maybe Gus stays but EVERY coach says the same thing wherever. That’s a MUST for a coach to say. When the mess was going on here years ago, yes there was some hard feelings. But time has passed. It;s differant now. And since when do you believe everything somebody says. Where was he when he said that. AND just not to long ago AUBURN fans wanted him fired like yesterday. FIRED!!

Also the AD Jay Jacobs is stepping down at the end of the year. Then O Guss will not have his AD that backs him. Sound familar? Kind of like Arkansas at the moment.

As for the post of the guy that doesn’t like him"Picking his nose on national TV", Gus has a lot that he has wronged over the years.

BOLD remarks are true. Even his wife has said we’ll just pack up and go home. IF there is a job opening, great. Or we can just travel the country.

As stated the bold ones are “Nail meet Hammer”

Guys I’m just trying to help. This is a big hire. HI gives me a forum to discuss this topic.

Am I a fortune teller. NO! And things can change any day or second. 2 guys gave me cards. Sources, friends, whatever to call them. LOL

I could tell stories you would never believe. But they are the truth. OUR crew, ( HI writers ) wouldn’t and don’t pass on information that needs not to be told.

Actually I’m getting a glimpse of what Clay, DD and all the others do every day. Actually it’s fun.

And I am not a reporter. I was asked what I thought. Asked questions and told information.

I am a die hard Razorback fan. I remember jumping right into the middle of the BP, motorcycle mess.

I stirred the pot. BUT in all fairness I didn’t have all the facts.

On this coaching search I am certain what I Know and receiving are correct information.

I’m trying to do it with Class. Like Clay and DD. The one thing I’m doing is maybe talking to much. But everything I have posted is the truth to the best of my knowledge.

Don’t worry about talking (write) too much. At least somebody is and I am certain your people know or think they know things. Too much smoke for Gus not to be the offer. Does he really give up the players and resources there to come to our mess? That is a tough one to believe. Maybe. Needs to be over very soon. We have very, very few SEC players and there has been no real recruiting for weeks. Going to be tough for a couple of years no matter who is the coach.