Gus is forcing Auburn's hand

Their are rumors that Sexton/Gus demands are so ludicrous that Arkansas is looking more & more likely.

That way the results of the SEC Championship game can’t be taken as the reason for a departure.

Yep, and the same article said AUB wouldn’t let him walk, and that AR would have issues because their AD Jeff Long stepped down earlier this month.

They credited the bold statement to Tom Murphy or the Arkansas Democrat Gazzette. I don’t remember him ever saying Long stepped down, so I think their scoop is about as good as the ones we’ve seen on here today.

Correction: Arkansas Democrat Gazzette, Little Rock

Dilly Dilly … even-leath

No Murphy quote.

They changed it. Now Murphy is quoted but for something else. Gotta love the changes

It now mentions Tom Murphy before the Long statement talking about Gus, that’s not what it said when I looked at it before I posted.

Fair enough. We got a feeding frenzy cluster of rumors. :wink:

The one really having fun on this site is Bolin.