Gus insidèrs?? Would he leave and come home if offered?

I’m not suggesting he’s the guy, I just want to hear from those That have an insider viewpoint.

Do you think he would come?

If he stays and can last another 3-4 years, Saban will retire and he could become a king. That also assumes he doesn’t get eaten alive.

There’s talk that His wife wants to come back here.

That’s 1/2 of the equation, atleast.

Happy wife, happy life.

Don’t think it is a possibility since his team crushed Georgia. I wish it were.

no chance
hes a great coach and arkansas guy
way too polarizing

i know nothing from anyone but me
i say no chance

we need Scott Frost as our next football coach and gus can stay at Auburn frost 2 and 3 year at arkansas we will be beating the Auburn LSU miss state and others

There’s more talk about gus on this board than the auburn board.

He has a top 10 program. Why would he want to come to a bottom feeding program?

No! AR is too divisive for him. He’ll be harassed immediately by Nutt and Petrino supporters. He can also recruit better in other places. He is not good for AR & AR is not good for him. Best we go our separate ways. I am a Gus supporter and I don’t want him here. It’ll be another waist of time for us, because it’s not going to work out.

The UGA win means we don’t have to worry about Gus being here.