Gus- hot seat

Even with the 35+ million dollar buy out it seems that auburn may still let him go if he continues to tank. Insider on Auburn on the finebaum show reported that money is not considered an issue of they want to fire him.

Wouldn’t that be crazy.

If so, Chad should call him and see if he’s interested in being th OC at a discount price lol. But seriously.

Gus would never accept an OC first of all (IMO).

And I (and many others) don’t want Gus involved in Hog football ever.


Gus not only burned that bridge, he used tactical nuclear weapons on it. I didn’t want him before that episode, I darn sure want nothing to do with him now. He can drive that BMW pocket rocket somewhere else if Aubie shows him the door.

Gus Buss has some flat tires.

Gus can replace Bobby at Louiseville.

I wanted Gus to come here as coach when Nutt was fired and before Bielema was hired. I think he would have done a really good job. But, he really did us wrong last year, so he is not on my wish list any longer. He forever burned the bridge with our fans and our state. I’m sure he is not worried about it. He is getting paid 7 million for this season with a guaranteed 34 million dollar buyout. That aint chump change.

He’s done pretty good for himself for a high school coach.

The folks at Auburn are football crazy.

Malzahn beats Georgia and Alabama and wins the West last year. He then squeezes Auburn for a 7 year $49,000,000 contract

He goes 4-3 and Auburn fans want him fired. The chancellor and the AD say they are concerned about the football program.

Being Alabama’s step child must be brutal. Those folks will do anything to be good, and I mean anything. It is actually a little pathetic, in my view.

You wonder if Gus is thinking…maybe I should have taken that Arkansas job. Probably not since he has 38 million guaranteed dollars.

The world is crazy.

I think it’s easier to recruit to Auburn than it his to Arkansas, having said that are most fans happy we didn’t get Gus or disappointed that we didn’t get him? Would he have been able to resurrect the Hogs is something we will never know, but with his results this season the answer seems to be no. At this point I’m sure glad we are not knee deep in a 49 million contract with him but five years from now he might have the bus rolling and a championship in his back pocket and I’m standing on the corner talking about how Auburn got off cheap. Then again I might be talking about how the Hogs dodged a bullet and was fortunate to get CCM. WPS

Have you considered where Gus would choose to live once he is ousted the Plains? Would he enjoy returning to Springdale with his mega-millions??

Good, so glad Auburn is stuck with him and not us.

Think about what Gus did to his close — and Arkansas wealthy friends last year.

He got them to fire the AD — and fire the football coach pretty much 2 games into the season such that 2017 was written off with 10 games left to play.

They got him his $7 million per year — he is HATED at Auburn — and we give him the chance to escape and come home for $50 million.

What does Gus do? Lies to his buddies and uses their big money to squeeze a big raise out of Auburn after he beats Bama and UGA. Then the Hogs get the best high school coach in East Texas because they ain’t got no Plan B.

With friends like that — who needs enemies?

She don’t lose your address as both Gus and Auburn have found out sooner than we had all hoped.

Big silver lining in this current nightmare — at least we are not stuck with Gus.

Great analysis without writing a book. A lot of our problems can be traced to Gus and his cult all the back in 2006.

Maybe, He can move to Texas and live next door to Hootie. :grinning:

Its a really strange situation at Auburn. My take is that the powers in the Auburn organization wanted Rhett Lashlee gone and they wanted Gus to hire another offensive coordinator and give him the reins (hands off). The offense that Auburn currently runs is strictly Chip Lindsey’s offense. It bears no relationship to the HUNH offense that made Gus famous, won a NC and was a runner-up NC contender. It is more boring than watching paint dry and as predictable as a Houston Nutt offense.

No, Gus would never be a fit for Arkansas. But…if they fire him and give him the mega bucks, I think he would be really happy as a head coach at some place like Tulsa (reunited with Lashlee). Sometimes things come full circle.

I do not think Arkansas was offering him near that amount of money. I think that was a figure that was floated by his agent because he knew Auburn was good for that amount. I think Arkansas was willing to pay a lot of money, but more in the $5 million range over six years.

Just goes to show how out of control this whole coaching carousel has become with inflated salaries & this win now mentality that major programs have. A coach only needs one or two good seasons at any level & good agent.
There is only 1 Nick Saban who has earned his salary over time at Bama with sustained success.
Everyone else just trying to buy that immediately.

This is not a popular take, but I think Malzahn earned his big payday with Auburn. He won two division championships in five seasons, coaching in the same division as potentially the greatest coach overseeing the greatest dynasty college football has ever had. Auburn defeating Alabama in 2013 probably kept Alabama from a seventh national championship under Saban.

The problem, as it is most everywhere, is that the coaches have all the leverage in negotiations and have negotiated buyouts that put the schools in no-win situations when things go bad. Just getting an SEC job now assures that you are financially set for life, as long as you manage your finances well. Unless he is fired for cause, Chad Morris is guaranteed to make $14.7 million just by taking the Arkansas job, regardless of whether he wins another game.

I don’t hold grudges on things like that. If it was possible to hire him as OC, I would accept him in a heartbeat.

My take on all of the crazy millions coaches make and the even more crazy buyouts is that someday the TV revenue will drop substantially and those salaries & buyouts will put schools in a bad financial mess.

We shall see.

I think it would take a decline in interest for that to happen, and that’s not foreseeable. In the event TV revenues ever declined, I think other sports on campus would be eliminated before the major ones felt the pinch.