Gus Horton and herb hand in Memphis today

Not sure how this is working but Gus Tim Horton and herb hand are in Memphis with Jerome cavin on a home visit today. I guess he and Kristi aren’t huddled up trying to decide whether to make momma happy and come home.

All coaches are recruiting today. If Gus is coming we need it to happen soon otherwise we are the fool with no date to prom

Someone said last night Jimmy Sexton’s office is in Memphis

Well, you know Jimmy Sexton lives and works in Memphis, right?

Dudley I do know those things. I figured auburn wouldn’t want him recruiting until he makes his decision. Picture you posted of all 4 sure looks like a happy and relaxed set of coaches, not guys preparing to rebuild Arkansas.

I would also figure they are there on auburn plane. Not sure auburn sends them unless assurances they are staying or signing contracts.

I know you and coach Horton are tight and will defer to you here

They’re squeezing it for every AU penny.

They are recruiting for Auburn if that was ever in doubt. The kid just posted a picture of them on his Twitter. Gus is not leaving Auburn.

At the bowl press conference, he just said, “I said last night I want to be the HC at AUB, nothing has changed.”

Agree. But meanwhile, we keep getting strung along by everyone. The use of the word embarrassing as it relates to sports is overused but this is embarrassing.

Like I said–juicing AU for every penny.

And Norvell is not at the press conference for his bowl game, he is also out recruiting, supposedly in Arkansas. Twitter is absolutely nuts.

Oh and the Peach Bowl rep told the media to quit asking about Gus to AR and concentrate on the Bowl game. :lol:

Until there is an official announcement from Auburn, something is going on that involves Arkansas

Could be squeezing every penny he can from Auburn, but we – for whatever reason – are still in the game

The reason is that he’s juicing Auburn. He’s telling the world. He wants to be at AU. He keeps saying it. What’s that mean? It means he wants to be there but they have to meet his contract demands.

What he isn’t saying is how much $ that will take. He’s in a perfect spot. He can pants us for days while we offer an obscene contract.

If AU balks, he takes his “Dream Job”. If not and they pony up, he has Saban/Jimbo money and insulation from the constant AU hot seat.

It’s really simple as to why we are still around. We are a pawn.

How do you know? Are you privy to all that is going on behind the scenes. GM is not coming and was never going to IMO but that doesn’t mean that everybody in Ark is sitting home watching the NFL waiting for the phone to ring with GM saying “YES!”

Ok, we can finally move on. He’s got his contract extension and raise at Auburn.

What’s sad is that group of happy coaches will be unemployed in 2-3 years IMO. Auburn is not on the verge of dominating the SEC. They have had a good year but the last 3 have not been. Next year they will lose a game or 2 they are not “supposed to lose” and so it goes. When Stidham leaves, GM is back to square one. The success of his offense depends on the exact right person at just the right spot especially the QB. For every Stidham and Nick Marshall there is a Jeremy Johnson, Sean White and Kiehl Frazier. That is what will eventually get him fired…for daring to only win 7-8 games. JMO.

And we will have people wanting to fire our coaches and get Gus home.

Sorry to disappoint you but he is not coming

How did I know? It was obvious.

I’m talking about after he gets fired from Auburn.

And I’ve said all along he wasn’t coming, he was using us