Gus headed to UCF

Good pickup for them, he’ll have another P5 spot in a few years.

Gus as coach and Terry Mohajir Sam as the new AD. That is a big win for UCF. Gus is a good coach and good recruiter.

Did Gus work for Terry Mohajir at Arkansas State?

Gus was HC in 2012 at ASWho. Mohajir became AD in 2012. I don’t know if TM hired him or if Gus was there first.

Their time overlapped for about 2 1/2 months. Mohajir was hired as the AD during the 2012 season. Dean Lee hired Malzahn at A-State.

It’s interesting that UCF lost its AD and head coach to the same school (Tennessee) and hired replacements who had previously worked together. I’d be interested to know if that sequence of events has ever happened before at an FBS school.

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Yeah Gus accepted the job in December 2011 so he was there first.

First of all I’m not a Gus fan. Gus needs a really good QB to run his offense. And naturally a good OL. Maybe UCF has those. Maybe not. I’ve read that Gus has been figured out by DC’s and won’t change his offense. We will see how this pans out.

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Jhawg, have you ever wondered why every coach Auburn has ever had has been a “Good Recruiter?”

For goodness sakes, Terry Bowdin went undefeated there.

There’s a reason I’ve named them the Bagmen

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Dillon Gabriel, UCF starting QB, put up 3500 yards, 32 TDs, with 4 INTs. Looks like he has the good QB part down at least.

He needs a QB that can run.

Possibly as simple as aubbie not hiring an HC unless he already was a great recruiter.

Hopefully, his good friend Morris will go with him, to help on our buyout

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Jhawg, have you ever wondered why every coach Auburn has ever had has been a “Good Recruiter?”

Auburn is usually in the Top 10-15 in the recruiting rankings, while we are usually between 25-35. If they are cheating, they are really pretty good at it. Maybe we need to hire a couple of their coaches to learn how they do it. I guess I’m joking, but I am tired of losing. It is pretty obvious you aren’t going to win in the SEC unless you bend the rules over backwards. We are worried about our reputation while many of the other SEC schools just mow us down and smile. I am not sure the NCAA really cares, and that is what is frustrating.

The NCAA may not care.
“Until Arkansas Does It”

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