Gus Bus to stay parked in Auburn...

per Brandon Marcello and Bret McMurphy.

New 7-year deal.

Surprise, surprise!

Shocking! Not…


Were we Billy Gillepsied? Does Long get fired if there was not word out that Gus wanted to come home?

Thank goodness it’s over. Let’s get Norvell and move on.

Who would be btr, Venables/Norvell

This is the same thing I’m hearing from another Auburn source. I do not think any of this had anything to do with Jeff Long.

Gus gives the ole #1 salute to the Hogs one final time. So please park the Gus Bus and throw the keys away.

Gus had a backup plan he didn’t need.

Great! Now all of those Gus lovers in NWA can stop bashing the Razorbacks. We offered and he turned us down. It was his choice, not ours.

I think Sexton and Malzhan have screwed up, alienating both Auburn and Arkansas. Would not surprise me that he will need a landing spot again and suspect he eliminated his strongest suitor.


Hope he fails crashes burns and moves to live in Bama where he is soooo loved

I’m not angry - it’s just business

I’m sure William Sherman said the same as he burned Atlanta

Let the Gus burning begin

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hope we can finally put the Gus love behind us for a while. Gus (once again) showed his true colors. Now I hope we gear up and stomp his ever lovin ars!

I am glad this Gus charade is over. I have been saying all along that it is not good to bring a coach that has not a clean slate in Arkansas. I can see from our little group how divided we are regarding Gus. I saw that as a recipe for division and contention from the beginning to the end and another 5 year loss. Now we can relax and support whomever they find.

Was neutral on Gus. Now have a dislike for the Coach and Auburn. Feel like we were used. He most probably never had any intentions to come back home. He better keep winning and get used to those crazy high expectations. He had his chance to do something great for his home state. That chance is forever gone

Let’s go get Norvell.

Does anyone else think that Gus burned some major bridges among his following and fans in NWA?

I hope The Gus bus is forever done! He doesn’t want to come back! NEVER again! Good luck and good riddance.

My inclination is that the Gus Bus drivers are blaming JCP or Steinmetz or somebody instead of realizing that their hero used them and discarded them.

Gus was my choice, but I see I was wrong about him if what we heard was true. He feigned interest to get more money and did not really want this job. He is not popular there so why didn’t he leave? We were going to give him similar money to Auburn, so I guess he wanted to win and felt he could not at Arkansas.

I feel used like one of George Clooney’s old girlfriends.

It seems like Gus made the best choice. Arkansas will not match what Auburn is offering. And, he already had an outstanding team that he has recruited and developed. At Arkansas he would have to start over with a team without talent and a lessor recruiting base. In the best scenario it would take several years to have a winning team.