Gus beating Saban allows his agent to negotiate...........

…a contract extension, big raise, and big buyout so Auburn will not be jerking the rug out from under Gus as soon as the program has a step back season. So, he stays at Auburn. Gus has the program on the verge of greatness. He has to really hate Auburn to throw all that away to go struggle to dig Arkansas out of the hole it is in.

So, unless there is a “surprise again” national caliber head coach who pursues the job, we get the best “up and coming” head coach we can get. That looks like Mike Norvell to me. Good recruiter. Texas native. Can recruit the Memphis area. Has great special teams. Develops QB’s. Prolific offensive system. Get him hired ASAP.

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Gus is out; time for us to move on.

Many times your top option is actually not the best option.

The quiet between us and Norvell could possibly mean something. I don’t think there’s any way Tennessee says yes to Schiano over Norvell, unless Norvell has something in line.

Times like this I like to think back to the USC coaching search that landed a certain Pete carrol. It was reported that they had many rejections, and that carrol was potentially their 5th or 6th option.

He only went on to win a National championship. Patience pays off, we will get a quality coach, who knows who, but we will know soon.

All indications are that Schiano will be dressed like a creamsicle next fall. Whether they seriously considered Norvell, who knows. Maybe he told them no thanks.

You’d think they considered a lot more than Schiano.

I know we had some people here calling for Schiano, I understand there are memory problems and common knowledge problems around here also.

Horrible, horrible hire for UT.