Gus Argenal

has been named the new HC of Cal State San Bernardino.


Impact on recruiting (both HS & portal) & on the current roster? Assume much of that depends on whom Muss hires or promotes to replace Gus.

Great to see him heading up a program.

We can expect CEM to have a list of well-qualified potential hires with whatever attributes he is seeking in keeping his program firing at the highest level of proficiency on all cylinders. Someone remarked last season regarding the level of demand CEM expects from assistants and likewise, without doubt, someone is going relish this opportunity.

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Give Darrell Walker a call?

Tough loss for us, though great for Gus. Would have liked to keep the staff intact for another year.

Ethan has some more on this:

I do not think it is Gus’ first Head Coaching job.

You are correct. It has been fixed.

Congrats to Coach Argenal - he has earned it. Muss is solid at picking out his assistants and one would think he recognizes that if they are good enough for his staff then at some point they will more than likely move on as a head coach somewhere. If Muss is here for many years to come as we hope, my guess is he will have a nice coaching tree growing under him.

He will get a great one to replace Gus.

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I wonder if muss promotes the coach on staff that was an analyst that came here from either N or S Dakota?

That would be Caleb Cline (So Dakota). He’s young but he’s going to be good.

My guess, Todd Lee or Ronnie Brewer.

The muss buss has a plan

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Really enjoyed the chances I got to talk with Gus. Very personable, easy to like. Gave me great insight for stories during the tournament run this season. One of the guys who would say hi and ask how you’re doing every time you crossed paths. I think Todd Lee would be a great replacement for his position. He’s really detailed, loves watching film, and his decade-plus as a head coach is valuable.

Those are my two guesses in that order.

Muss always looks for recruiting skills in an assistant coach. How is Todd at recruiting?

Probably more valuable, developing players at our AA Little Rock affiliate.

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Curious why these assistants are bailing for division II jobs.

The way coaches only last a year or two under Muss, it will be difficult to build a Muss coaching tree. Gus has been with him for a number of years, so he does qualify, but he has to progress into at least a mid-major job before they will start talking about a tree.

Yup - gotta start somewhere in order to prove your salt and move up.