Gunnell to Arizona

… I know we had kind of taken a step back with him… but dang. Did not see him going to Arizona.

But I guess he wanted to play for the aTm coach he originally committed to

I don’t think the Hogs were going to take two in this class with all the needs at other positions. So I would think that when Jefferson committed they basically were just staying in touch with all the other QBs they were recruiting “just in case”.

Pretty underwhelming decision considering all the talk about him.

Did we even really go after this guy? Both of his parents went to school here and when CCM took over it seems we backed off or he backed off. I thought this guys was a stud! I guess he loves him some Sumlin. Y’all see where Ty Evans made the Elite 11 final…smh. I sure hope KJ balls out!!!

They recruited Gunnell, but KJ was their guy.

Well, did not see that one coming