Gundy and Chuba Hubbard

Gosh, what controversial times we are living in. Between what Texas players are trying to do (changing building names and eliminating EOT) and now this, the athletes seem to really be asserting themselves. Not sure “shut up and dribble” will quell it any more.

@RichardDavenport - any chance Arkansas can capitalize here?

That’s a big reach right now. No idea.

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I can’t imagine that it will help with player recruiting and retention.

I would agree. Will be interesting to watch this because I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it.

Gundy and Hubbard have already put out a video. May have blown over. But I think Mr. Hubbard got his point across.

No telling what the AD and/or university president said to both Gundy and Hubbard. The video looked odd. Could be a killer for recruiting. Agree on that point.

Funny how LeBron got told to shut up and dribble, but when Drew Brees said something that she agreed with, he didn’t get told to shut up and throw. Until he backtracked, that is. So basically the rule is “black athletes should shut up but white athletes can have an opinion, as long as I agree with it”.


There have been twitter posts from all over the country from athletes who say the people love him when he is playing for their team, but not so much when he talks or has an opinion. Including some from Arkansas.

The attitude of “shut up and play” is probably the prevalent feeling from all of the sports message boards I read.

Athletes have as much right as anyone to voice their opinions, so it doesn’t bother me when one does, especially a pro athlete (although I might like or dislike any given opinion).

However, a coach at a state school needs to be a bit more circumspect about the things he says or does. Opinions that are almost guaranteed to offend a large segment of his players are different, too, than an opinion about, say, tax issues.

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They should all shut up. They are annoying…Just like you.


Keyboard warrior here! lol

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oh good lord.

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I think it is “shut up and play” when you disagree with them, doesn’t matter the color. I caught myself in that position on actors, athletes, etc. years ago and came to the conclusion that (1) I WISHED famous people would generally keep their political and religious opinions to themselves as every time they say something that makes me happy, it makes other unhappy and vice versa and, (2) I have no right to wish that first thought on anyone!


So this is what I want to know.

What kind of mama looks down on their newborn and says “I’m gonna name you Chuba … or Dabo?”

Clearly mama lost the bet … giving naming rights to pops.

She was trying to name him “Cuba” after Cuba Gooding Jr and it was typo.

I wonder how Bear Bryant would have handled it…

I’d bet Bear wouldn’t have been dumb enough to wear that t-shirt


I have a Nike shirt and an ESPN cap. A lot of people think both those organizations are biased.

Should I quit wearing those items for fear of offending someone? Nah.