Gun bill is out of control

PJ, great point and I fully agree. Here is where people need to wake up. If CC guns are allowed in RRS et-al, expect a swift decision by the SEC Front Office kicking Arkansas out of the SEC. There will be no meetings, there will be nothing but a swift and embarrassing exit.

There is a flagging process through the finger printing phase and you were not flagged. That’s good. That usually means if you drink you won’t carry or if you carry you won’t drink. It also means you won’t settle a dispute with a firearm. Those that usually would, due to their fingerprint history, will be denied. The reason it was easy for you is because you won’t do what Nate thinks you will do, which is essentially my point. For those that would, it’s a difficult process.

Ill buy that “hot heads” probably have a record. I don’t know what type of offenses disqualify you from getting a license (I didn’t bother to look because I knew I had nothing other than a speeding ticket on my record). I do think the class should be beefed up some. But that isn’t going to happen.

The key on some of this going forward is what the SEC commissioner will think of this. It does not take much to lose your ability to be an SEC member. It could happen over something like this.

Allowing guns at sporting events?
I thought our politicians were somewhat intelligent
This is insane.

SEC could boot us out if this stands.

Can the U of A have their own policy of no guns at sporting events?

Sorry I did not see the massive thread below.

Absolute insanity. … ew-gun-law

Ark Code Ann. 5-73-306 lists athletic events at a public university as a prohibited place for firearms. That’s the law right now. HB1249 does not change that law. Granted, I read it quickly, but it doesn’t amend 5-73-306(10) on my review. … HB1249.pdf


It does appear the house has now passed a bill to ban them at sporting events which is just a safe guard since HB1249 was a little vague. However it’s really just a sign that some legislators aren’t lawyers and only know how to make a rule and then another rule to make sure the first rule was right. Silly, but safe. This was always a no brainer even for those that support the bill.

On second thought, it may not be a bad idea. I believe some of the duck season opens in Nov.

Hunters could attend a game and hunt too. I see a bump in attendance.

I had a CC in Arkansas when I still lived there. I have one in Missouri now, the Missouri is a longer class and multiple weapons qualifying. I’ve heard other states are harder and some are easier. I can tell you that certain people shouldn’t have them, but it’s a thin line. I have PTSD, almost anyone in the military does, that is one of the disqualifications for CC (mental health). No offense to the majority of the board, but I trust prior military around weapons than most of the people who think they need them.

There is always a game first day of deer season as well.

You get what I’m saying.

Maybe when the band kicks into “Arkansas Fight,” everybody can raise their guns and fire into the air, like OSU’s Pistol Pete! That might make RRS a real home-field advantage.

If Ark law requires schools to let fans bring guns into the stadium, I suspect we’ll see some serious ramifications from both the SEC & the NCAA. Booted out of the SEC? I’m not sure. However, I can see schools refusing to play us here.

Even if you believe guns should be allowed everywhere: stadiums, bars, churches, preschools, please don’t think this won’t have an adverse effect on the Razorback program. If nothing else, we’ll see ticket sales plummet. I’m not taking my family to a stadium where hundreds of people are packing. Even if no one with a CC permit ever drinks when he’s packing.

What do y’all think about all those punks out there without a permit who carry them routinely
regardless of what the legislature says?

The SEC will be well within their rights to, at a minimum bar Arkansas from hosting athletic events if guns are allowed in the stadium. Expulsion from the conference would then be in play.

Absolute idiocy if the bill barring guns at sporting events does not pass.

I’ve had a CC since the first year it was legal. I’ve re qualified several times. I’m not weighing in on the politics, but it is ridiculously easy to obtain a CC in Arkansas.

The training in the classes varies from instructed to instructor but it is a morning class and then some target practice at a range. To requalify I’ve done everything from shoot at a range to shoot (no lie) in a guy’s backyard.

Basically if you are not a felon you can get a CC. (Yes I know there are a few more disqualified like active restraining orders and what not but the list is short.) So if you can sit on a chair for four or five hours and not shoot yourself or someone else at the range and you aren’t a felon, you are good.

The ease of which you can obtain a CC has always bothered me. It should be harder. Good for the legislature for banning guns at sporting events. Needs to go farther IMO.

Nate lost all credibility with me and made it very clear he knows nothing about guns when he said if the gun owner isn’t paying attention during the game the gun might just go off. That is so ridiculous it’s obvious he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And let’s me know he knows nothing about guns. It’s comical really.

But wait–isn’t it guns that kill people, not people killing people, or are all of those many news stories that I have been seeing/reading wrong? :lol: