Gun bill is out of control

I’m not sure if this is political or not, but if we are going to post articles then I shall get to respond.

First, I don’t appreciate one writing an article that doesn’t take reality into consideration. Reality is that it is rather difficult to acquire a concealed carry permit. Reality is that those that have a concealed carry take seriously the rules one is required to follow to maintain his or her concealed carry. Reality is those rules prohibit the type of behavior that Nate thinks would occur at a sporting event. It’s garbage to degrade those lawfully abiding citizens that have a concealed carry permit into drunks that misuse their firearms.

Second, that said, I agree with the legislatures decision, but only because it pertains to a sporting event, which is essentially private and optional to those willing to by a lease (ticket) to the event.

But, Nate clearly misunderstands those that conceal carry and has offended many of them.

Thank you for a calm reasoned response to Nate’s article.

To those who chose to respond: Please be cautious in posting. As a rule, politics are not allowed, but this topic is one of consequence to sports.

So you are saying that it is not possible for someone with a concealed carry permit to use bad judgement? I, for one, do not want to go to a game where there people carrying guns.

I seriously doubt the training for a concealed carry permit, no matter how rigorous, guarantees that the trainee will become a paragon of good judgment, morals, and sobriety. Bad people are as capable of undergoing such training as Sunday school teachers are. Trained marines, soldiers, & police officers have all been known to use guns maliciously.

As for rules, criminal law makes all those things just as illegal as the rules for conceal carry permits do. In fact, the criminal rules are much more strict. If the criminal law won’t stop someone, why would the prospect of losing a permit stop someone?

Second, to my knowledge, no one has ever been shot or shot at inside the stadium or arena during a Razorback sporting event. Ever. It’s hard to get any safer than that. However, I’ve been to a bunch of them where fights broke out, drunks became obnoxious, and fans got made at other fans for taunting them or their team. It makes no sense to introduce firearms into that environment. Drunks, passion, tempers…and guns. What could possibly go wrong?

Reality is there’s few people on Earth I trust having a gun near me and my family. Don’t care about your qualifications. I don’t know you and don’t trust you with a gun. You having the gun there raises the risk of a catastrophic mistake, inherently, period, no doubt in the world.

I agree there should be no guns at a game. There is no need.
I dont agree with his characterization of gun owners as a bunch of drunken louts that are going to settle arguments like a gunfight at the OK corral.

Nate didn’t say gun owners were a bunch of drunks or louts. But some are and they might carry a gun to a game and do something stupid.

You already attend a game where there are at least 250 guns in attendance. The difference is you somehow trust their judgment but not a trained civilian. You may be right, but just because I don’t have a badge doesn’t mean I’m going to risk my freedom and conceal carry permit by settling a dispute with a firearm, which is what Nate thinks. I can tell you first hand that every single person I know that has a conceal carry never mixes alcohol while carrying. Not one ever! Nate must know different people.

Absolutely fair point and one that I don’t dispute. I do dispute that conceal carry + football game = drunks settling disputes with firearms.

I just saw a news report today on a sports figure arrested in a road rage shootout incident. Both parties had concealed carry permits. Huntin, you have a better class of friends than the general public.

Armed police are different than armed civilians who happen to have a permit. First, their uniforms & badges make them distinguishable from everyone else. We see them and trust they’re “good” guys who’ve been trained & are there explicitly to keep the peace. They’re not there as fans–even if they may be fans. They won’t be drunk. They won’t be engaged in cheering, taunting, or other things fans do. An armed fan presents a risk to every other fan. Oh you might know you’re not a risk, but I don’t. Neither do the police. Showing the security guard your CCP doesn’t offer me any solace. You’re just a fan with a gun sitting near me. Multiply that by 5-10 thousand & all it takes is one drunk pulling his gun & all hell breaks loose. There’s nothing about this that’s a good idea. If you want to keep a loaded gun in your home or business or even carry it around during the day, you don’t present much of a threat, but taking it into a crowded place along with a bunch of other people is a whole different matter.

I have very conflicting thoughts on this subject. One thing I know for sure though. Nate Allen is the last person that I want to see write an article on it.

I agree with the OP regarding the negative slant toward those who lawfully choose to carry and do so through the lawful process. At the minimum, Nate is ignorant about the process as well as those who choose to carry.

I have no problem with the amended passed by the Senate. Overall, I think there is ample security at college football games with the police that are there along with the ushers who are paid to be mindful and alert to potentially hazardous situations.

One problem that hasn’t been brought up is the issue of reciprocity from differing states who have cc permits. Arkansas has a pretty thorough process. However, for $35 I was able to walk into the county sheriff’s office and walk out 15 minutes with a permit. AL and AR reciprocate on permits. Until there is a consistent standard on cc permits, they aren’t all the same.

I don’t understand the animosity toward Nate or this particular column. I re-read it & didn’t see anything disparaging of gun owners or people with permits. He just said the combination of circumstances, crowds & guns aren’t things we should mix together at football games.

I am afraid that if the Senate amendment does not pass, Arkansas may not be able to land any national or regional sporting events like what has happened to North Carolina and could happen to Texas, with significant loss of revenue.

On the other hand, we get those type of events only once in a while. So, that is not enough to tilt the vote in the Legislature.

Nate didn’t let all of his political thoughts show through in that article, probably a good thing. I stay clear of those kinds of stories. I do have interesting thoughts on all of this, but probably best to keep them to myself.

100% agree here. Just re-read myself and I don’t get it. I thought he was quite neutral in bringing up the obvious trouble that could ensue.

It didn’t take a scientific rocket surgeon to get the gist of his political leanings on this matter, or others.

I’m like Clay. I stay away from saying anything politically. Way too many emotions.

I am not going to get into the politics of this issue, but I will say you must have a different definition of “difficult” than I do. My wife and I (and several of our friends, we did it as a group outing) all got our concealed carry permits about a year and a half ago. The class was one morning session (no preclass study or homework to do), then off to the range. The shooting requirement was not hard, my wife who had never shot a pistol in her life and only shot a rifle a few times easily passed. Yes you did have to go get finger printed and pay a fee, but I don’t consider basically one days time for a license that last 5 years to be very difficult.

Please don’t misinterpret my post, I am not weighing in on one side or the other on the issue of if concealed carry should be allowed at a football game.