Gumms decommits

Unusual, but maybe more telling than we know on the surface.

Once the announced his visit to Cal his offer may have been pulled. Just a guess.

May be in our best interest that he not come to Arkansas.

Don’t need no bleeding Gumms. He’s gingivitis to me now.


He got ver keyed up when the makers of Gummy Bears denied him an NIL deal.


Basically what happened, the staff wasn’t aware of the visit, and needless to say, wasn’t happy about it.

Believe that too much negative information surfaced about Gumms from UNT, including his being forced off the team, & our staff may have realized he would be toxic to the team despite his talents. Interested to see if Cal also learns this & backs away from him.

Cal might be so desperate they take him anyway.

Cal coaches may believe that they can manage a toxic player & get the most out of his talent without that decision backfiring on them. Players like that can become a cancer to a team’s morale.

Cal-Berkeley has known from the 1960s how to mellow a guy out.


Those rads aren’t all that mellow. I think they were pioneers in the art of taking over the administration building. Academic standards are pretty high though.

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I remember a DL making an OV to Arkansas when Petrino was here and had visited Cal the week before the Hogs.

I asked how was Cal and he said something like "I’m not going there, they had a bunch of people in trees protesting.”


I’ve spent some time in Berkeley. It’s a special place. I shall never return.


Distaste is often about unfamiliarity. Some read “Berkeley” and react without thinking.

One of the most powerful films I ever watched was Berkeley in the 60s, a documentary that was released when I was in Austin, and I had the opportunity to watch it on campus. I learned a lot, and am fortunate to have seen it.

For players, there is something to be said about “unfamiliarity” as well - if you were never familiar with “big boy” recruiting you may think that the portal offers you opportunities it really does not. Gumms must have had someone close to him spouting the incorrect info that so many casual fans retell - NIL is an ATM just waiting for a recruit to step up and punch in their code.

Somebody around him, though, must be crazy to think UC-Berkeley has any business playing NIL with an SEC school. Vandy could out-NIL UC, I would think.

Cal is one of the best academic universities on the planet and has produced unbelievable scientific discoveries over decades. Unfortunately, the only thing most people know is it’s where protests happen.

His former OC is now the OL/run game coordinator, so I’m sure he asked him for a visit. He should have done that before committing. Pittman wants 100% bought in this season, so he chose the visit.

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Not saying this young man is shopping for the best deal, but being old school I prefer the man in the foxhole next to me is fully committed to being there, rather than this was his best deal. I do not fully know the Pittman culture, but I would think to attempt to survive in the shark infested waters of the SEC, a band of brothers willing to take it to the mat would be a preferred mindset.

I don’t necessarily believe that. Some yes, but I think most know about the high quality of education.


US News has six UC campuses in the top 50 of national universities; Berkeley and UCLA are tied at #20, which makes them the top public schools on the USN list. The others are Santa Barbara, Irvine (home of the Anteaters), San Diego and Davis. Unfortunately, UC-Santa Cruz, home of the Banana Slugs, did not make the top 50 (it’s #83).

Best public school not in California? Michigan., though, has Michigan as the best public school at #12, right in front of Berkeley.