The three former assistant coaches who’ve been indicted are supposed to go to trial in April. It will be interesting to see if those guys risk a trial at this point or make a plea deal.

It will also be interesting to see if the feds indict any one else now that they’ve gotten some convictions out of the investigation.

Look for the domino effect here. Heads will roll.

I really think they got a raw deal. Don’t get me wrong I hate the sleazy business of college basketball but these guys were working on behalf of the coach’s.

The government’s argument was they were defrauding the schools by paying the players which made them ineligible. We all know that the coach’s of these schools are just as dirty.

They have wire taps where an assistant coach from Kansas was saying he was going to get 20k to Sousa.

What really makes me mad is that most of the dirty programs, players and coach’s will walk away from this with no penalty. The middle men, the runners and the assistant coach’s, who are just trying to keep their job most of the time, will do the time.

Bill Self should be getting fired today but he won’t. Zion should be ineligible but he won’t. Will Wade should be fired but he won’t. I could go on and on but what would it change.

In 2011 I took my local travel team from Hot Springs to play in an AAU tournament in Vegas. 13 kids from Hot Springs, 1 kid from Malvern and 1 kid from Arkadelphia. Only two of my players were getting recruited at the time and it was by a juco and Arkansas Tech. We were good but we didn’t have the big time AAU talent. Our third day there I got a call from a number that I didn’t recognize. A guy left a voicemail and said he was an AAU coach and needed to talk with me.

When I called he was asking me if I could send two of my better players to Florida in a few days to play in the AAU nationals. I was like are you serious, we don’t even know you and my kids don’t have the money to do that. He goes on to tell me that he will have plane tickets waiting on them, spending money and all new gear. I told him I couldn’t do it and didn’t think it was good for my boys to fly across country by themselves to meet and play with people they have never met. He asked me what I needed to make it happen. I told him I wasn’t doing it. He called me back 3 or 4 times but I just quit answering.

Now this is what is offered to some local kids from Hot Springs. You tell me what these high profile kids are really getting??? No way Reggie Perry didn’t get a bag full of cash to go to Mississippi State. I would bet my house that they asked Arkansas for money and Anderson said hell no. I can’t stand cheaters and college sports is full of them. AAU my be even worse than college.

Agreed…If the NCAA had a set they would be ready to pounce on all of the schools and coaches, but as we well know they are not going to upset the cash cart.

Agreed, seems pretty clear from everything I’ve read that the payments were planned and approved by the top executives of Addidas and these Universities’ head coaches to further their business agendas. Some pawns in the game take the fall. This is not justice. These are major corporations and millionaire coaches defrauding publicly funded universities. Waste of tax dollars to prosecute this case if this is as far as the investigation goes!

Do I understand that now that the trial is over the NCAA can request info from the trial to pursue potential NCAA

What’s crazy with this Louisville canned Slick Rick when they got word so they may not be as dirty and sorry as Kansas and all the others. It won’t surprise me one bit if no head coaches get indicted or charged.
There’s no justice being served in this at all.

Really haven’t studied upon it, but I believe so.

I wonder if the piano man will be singing?

Federal time is day for day no good time! Maybe that scares some of the crooks straight in the future.


Yeah, well, if they want to clean it up, they gotta long way to go.

It will never get cleaned up! The NCAA enforcement and top brass won’t ever do anything to the blue bloods. They wait a jump on the little schools.
The first problem in all of the corruption is hiring coaches whom have been caught and put them right back on the bench coaching. Ben Holland, Bruce Pearl, Grease Ball Cal and we could go on and on. In football it won’t be long until Hugh Freese is back coaching.
What bothers me most is a player can be held out ineligible to play one year and ruled eligible the next year and $10,000 just out there to the family. The NCAA and Mark Emmitt and gutless.

Comments- I totally agree, there is no way Self didn’t know as well as the rest of the head coaches who’s programs are being investigated. I just don’t believe the FBI investigators will push beyond the level where they currently exist, in other words they are content with the asst. coaches sparing those head coaches at these legacies basketball institutions, and the NCAA will do even less to not upset those huge fan base followers

Not only will the big dogs have no repercussions, it will be bu$ine$$ as usual in the future, and in fact, may only get larger with the immunity being illustrated.