Guide to NCAA hoops investigation

Including Billy Self and the good ol’ strong ass offer. NCAA didn’t start investigating the schools implicated in the FBI investigation until May 2019 at the request of the feds, which is part of why things have dragged out so long.

Story also notes that when the NCAA referred the LSU case to IARP, there was a list of at least 75 people they wanted to talk to; they’d talked to exactly 16 of them.

Bama, Aubie and SoCar also included in this summary.

I seem to recall a debate you and I had about this?

NCAA to Bagman - Didn’t you deliver a large amount of money to three LSU recruits on or around February 7th, 15th, and 21st of 2018?

Bagman to NCAA - Absolutely not, I was working for Coach Pearl in February, 2018.

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The enforcement of these blatant rules violations is comical - they might as well drop everything and let the kids go to the highest bidder

Yes. Since their enforcement arm botched the Miami investigation, they have become so slow and so meticulous in their investigations, that IF, they ever act, it is many years past the actual violations.

The LSU violations are so egregious and blatantly obvious that everybody except the NCAA knows when, where, and by whom they were committed.

This is all a waste of time.
The only federal folks that will take action is maybe the IRS! Where’s the taxes that should have been paid on this cash under the table. And of by the way this mystery cash wasn’t included when these young players applied for financial aid! Another problem.

As for these coaches with integrity beyond reproach hang them by their blank until dead!

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