Guessing there is going to be some culture shock

One of the things that is evident is that Muss is really into analytics and scouting the other team (if you saw the feature about the “sheets” they post every where in the gym that aired during the Final four Saturday, this is a huge point of emphasis for him in knowing the opposition players and having a very specific plan to defend them).

I know we did scouting reports watched film, etc in the prior regime, but both Nolan and Mike seemed generally of the opinion that they would mostly focus on their own team (Nolan liked to say this all the time).

Just will be interesting to see how the returning players respond to what seems likely to be a quite different (NBA like) way of preparing for opponents in terms of analytics and scouting.

It will be different that’s for sure, it also looks like Muss is going to be bringing several players and I’m guessing some recruits hes been following, I think hes Smart enough to pull it off, plus the recruits in Arkansas the next few years.
I actually think we will be seeing some Memphis players coming our way, getting in the game with Penny. It’s a lot to expect but I think within 2-3 years we might just be a major player on the National scene.

I remember watching an interview with Kobe. He was asked what made the biggest difference in his game that caused him to become such a great player. He said the day that he learned how to watch film.

He said that he got addicted to watching film and just fell in love with it. He gave lots of examples of how film study helped him shut down some great offensive players.

I am a very big fan of watching tape and scouting a foe.

Coach Sutton, Coach Dickey and Coach Brown taught me well.

I had lunch with coach Brown during the very brief time he was in Knoxville on Don Devoe’s staff.
Liked him a lot and was so excited he was here, but his demise was quick and self-inflicted. Always wondered what became of him.

retired in 2016 after having health problems that caused him to have both legs amputated.

Here is a story on the man who gave Texas head coach Shaka Smart his start. … 1603180071

Thanks much…good to know he apparently had a successful comeback. I knew he was a great recruiter, didn’t realize he obviously was a great coach as well.