Guess who's #8 in the country in rushing?

One Rawleigh Williams III. 785 rushing yards. On per-game average he’s #18. Looks like we got a 1000-yard back – again – if he stays healthy. Leading the SEC (Ralph Webb of Vandy is second).

Other notes from NCAA stat report:

AA is #15 in pass efficiency, slightly behind Sean White of Auburn. AA is also tied for 7th in the country with 18 passing TDs. Yes, that leads the SEC too.

Toby Baker is fifth in the country in punting, second in the SEC behind Florida’s guy. Averaging 47.3, which would be a school record for the whole season (Greg Horne averaged 47.2 back in '86). We’re also fifth in the country in net punting. Baker finally had his first touchback of the season last night – barely.

Team stats:

We’re averaging 265 passing yards per game, which is entirely AA at this point. That works out to a 3000-yard season. We’ve only had five 3000 yard seasons, all in the last 10 years.

Only 41st in the country in total offense at 445.6, but that would be the fifth best offensive average in school history. (Note that we have INCREASED our offensive average in the past two games against Bama and Ole Miss). #60 right now in rushing offense. Hopefully the O-line has turned the corner and that will continue to improve, plus we gave away 24 rushing yards last night running out the clock in the last two minutes.

That can’t be right. Earlier in the year all the star gazers here were talking about how he had no burst, couldn’t make anyone miss, wasn’t an SEC back, etc.