Guess who had the best "Blackout" unis in all of College Football?

So we can now call them black and not the make believe anthracite color? :wink:

Looked fantastic…more chrome!!

Best Blackout is kinda like best child molester or some other atrocity. It may be better than most other gaudy attempts at conforming to the latest fad, but it still offends my olfactory receptors. What makes it slightly less awful in my not so humble opinion, is that at least the helmet provides a slight contrast to the rest of the uni. Pair that helmet and jersey with a lighter shade of gray pant, and it might look pretty good. It still would not look like the Arkansas Razorbacks however.


Blackout championship!

We should get rings!

Yeah, I’m with you on this Marty.

But I’ve become resigned to the fact that in this day and age, virtually all colleges are going to wear some sort of “alternate” uniform at least once a season . . . so I just kind of hold my nose and try to ignore it for that one game. What else is there to do?

I have one Hog buddy who refuses to root for Arkansas when they wear those uniforms. He doesn’t root against them, but he doesn’t root for them (so he claims). He says he saves his rooting for the team in cardinal and white.

Now, I don’t go that far but I do understand his frustration.

You know what would make a good once a year alternative uniform? Real vintage Arkansas Razorback uniforms! That would be anything we wore between 1964 and 2007 with the exception of the 94 Apex experiment and the Houston Nutt wide stripe pants. Again I ask for the umpteenth time. Is that asking for too much?