Guess who best SEC team is next season per Rothstein

We’ll see.

rothstein is soooo right on this, Auburn is definitely the team to beat, almost certainly a natty this season. Just look at what Cheatin’ Sweatin’ Bruce did with ONLY THREE 5 stars this year! Imagine when he gets some real players.



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I will take that bet.

Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida, LSU and Mississippi State have all strengthened and reshaped their rosters with lots of newcomers as listed below.

Arkansas 5
Auburn 7
Alabama 5
Kentucky 7
Florida 6
Tennessee 7
Miss State 6

It is going to come down to which coach blends the talent the most to his system. People here think Muss is the best at this,

I did not realize Arkansas has the least newcomers on the list. But then again, we could add 2 more to that number.

Just curious, but did Rothstein also name Desi Sills as his pre-season POY?

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