Guess what Rice did in the next game

Beat Penn 80-61 at home. In their previous game, Penn beat Alabama.

Arkansas’s win over UALR in the exhibition game and thorough domination of Rice should be taken seriously.


Wow! I’m guessing it will be a long Winter in Tusc Town. I have not set my expectations for the Hogs too high, due to our lack of size. Do I now dare to dream of dancing in March? Probably not yet, but this is encouraging. On the other hand, I remember Eddie Sutton’s second team welcoming Houston to the SWC with a 92-47 beat down only to lose to that same team a few weeks later. A team is never as good or as bad as they may appear on a given night.

Looking forward to see how we do against North Texas who played# 25 VCU very close last night. Will be working and won’t see it but hopefully we put a whooping on them.

If the hogs play sound defense they may take some lumps but this is the best job of rebounding I can remember in a long time. Teams that pound the ball down low will cause some problems.
Rice beating Penn after Penn best Bama won’t mean much until we beat Bama. My expectation is to finish conference play at 10-8. Our non conference schedule is weak so we will need some good wins in conference play.
After watching Auburn the other day I think we have plenty of fire power to beat them. The turnovers will need to be reduced for our hogs to get the wins they need to make post season play.

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That rematch at Hofheinz Pavilion was exactly seven days after the 92-47 game. As I recall, we had a decent lead in the rematch but Houston rallied late. Your point that a team may not be as bad as a single early season performance is valid. Remember the 52-point beatdown we put on Misery in the BWA dedication game? That Misery team won 31 games and reached the Elite Eight.

Yeah we were up 20 on the Cougs the second time and they came back. I remember our play by play guy complaining bitterly about the officiating. Was that Dave Woodman?

Yep, that would be Dave. Who was born in Tuscaloosa as I recall.