Guess the line for the Bama game

I’ll go -35.5 Tide

It will be ugly. Bama is the best team in college football. They’re manhandling teams that are better than we are.

Bama -38.

Who really cares about the line for that game. It will be another tough beat down.

A lot of investors in the desert and elsewhere.

But if this thread isn’t for you, then feel free not to participate.

So you’re saying there’s a chance…

I would take Bama

Bama by 52

Bama just announced the sorority flag team is going start to give rest of the team a break.

The line in Vegas moved from 35 to 38

Line will be 42. has it Tide -29 [size=85]1/2[/size]



After their game with Texas A and M on the road and they are going to be home,
BAMA by 49 and we will not score. Gotta take BAMA at that line.
We will also get at least one qb knocked out of the game, hopefully not hurt badly.

Take the 29.5!!