Guess Muss can coach a little huh?

Let’s see, whiner, team acts like him, doesn’t play enough guys, needs to play zone, who cares if he leaves etc etc etc, this is to all the coaches and doubters on here
Enough said
Go Hogs


Agree. Just posted similar . Of course, the coaches on here will take credit for tEACHING HIM HOW TO COACH.

Right haha where’s hawgjawbend, one of the biggest complainers

He can coach and he can recruit. Roll up the Brinks truck to his home and do whatever we can to keep him.

We haven’t had a run like this in nearly 30 years!

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Me? Right here. Yeah, he sucks. LOL.

I never back down from eating some crow. Put it on the smoker please!

Fans do what fans do. CEM should get CoY for their performance!