Guard Minutes

All three of our starting G’s logged 30+ vs the gophers with Barford playing 36. Do you think MA will try and keep the minutes a little lower in these next three game? I realize if the games are tight, he will do what he has to do, but I’m a little worried about leg heaviness going into conference play. This is where Garland would really help us. Taking a few minutes from each of those guys would have been nice.

If they get up big, I think C.J. will play around 20 and Darious 12-15 the next 3 games.

I do think the seniors will play between 30-35 minutes in tight games. I’m sure Mike would love to cut their minutes down, but I get that he wants to have 2 of them out there most of the time if possible.

Ideally, getting C.J. to a point where he can play 21-24 minutes a night on a consistent basis would help. Even the other day, he only played 15. Got pulled and never put back in after he was blown by and fouled in rearview pursuit on a mid-range jumper.