Grumble Grumble

Fun week. Me & wife tested positive for Covid. Canceled our trip to the Keys. And this morning our cable & internet service went out. Can’t watch the game. They will get to use as soon as possible. Ugh!

My symptoms are better but wife still aching and coughing. No idea how we got it.

Sorry to grumble. Kids, neighbors and friends keeping us fed and medicated. We are blessed.

Hope you and the wife make a quick and complete recovery.

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Sorry to hear that. Pray it will be mild and soon over. Good Luck.

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Keep you guys in my prayers! WPS

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It’s a CBS game
Should be able to get it with antenna if you have a station within range

Or you use the CBS AllAccess app if they offer a trial, and watch on smartphone

Thanks for your concerns and prayers. Much appreciated.

Internet and cable back up.

Sorry to hear that, LD. Hang in and stay warm…

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Hope you and your wife improve and get well soon.

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Get well, LD, along with your wife. Hope it’s short duration and mild.

Were you driving or flying to the Keys? Do you stay in hotel, airBnb, or rental while there?

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We were scheduled to stay in Fiesta Key in our RV. Just bought a new one in Memphis. We stay in Florida the month of January since I retired 3 years ago. We only had 5 days scheduled in the Keys the rest near the Villages and Destin. If we get better we’ll probably make the Villages and Destin. I sure hope so.

Thanks for your concern Fred. We’re hanging in there.

Hang in there LD. At least, you aren’t in a hospital.

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Absolutely southpaw…lots of folks suffering much more than us.

We sure have a great support system with our 2 girls, neighbors and friends from church. We feel well loved.

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