Gruden question

If he’s wearing an orange tie, what does it mean? What if the tie is orange with blue stripes? Does it mean he’s all lined up for Auburn once Gus leaves? Or could it mean he’s really going to UF and this Mullen stuff is just a smokescreen? If it’s solid orange or is orange & white does that mean the UT deal is final?

What if it’s maroon? Does that mean MSU or TAMU?

I don’t know where he’s going, but I hope he isn’t wearing a red & white one anytime soon. I don’t even want it to anthracite. Talk about a internet war between Hog & Vol fans…


For me it would not be an internet war since I live right in the middle of Vol country. Since I retired in June I typically wear Hog gear daily so that would be fun. Even though it will never happen.

Folks here are somewhat delusional about the next coach. So far Gruden is the only one that they like. :wink:

maybe you could offer to dig up Bear or Lombardi for them

Is it burnt orange, or orange and white checkerboard?

Oh crap, if it were orange & white checkerboard there’d be some sort of mass hysteria in Knoxville until the papers were signed. There’d be Gruden cutouts in the malls, picture billboards on I-40, a whole industry of Grudenwear. Then they’d discover he was just messing with them & there’d be mass suicide.

I need to find one of those ties and send it to Gruden to wear on MNF. It would be fun to watch the mass hysteria in EOE-E. :lol:

John Gruden will never coach again. He works 3 days a week and makes $6M a year. Why would he what a gig!

I think we all know that, but it doesn’t seem to stop speculation around him, especially in East Tennessee.

Oh no, he has waited patiently for the opportunity to not only coach the Vols, bud more importantly to sing Rocky Top live.

You bet with Schiano picking the banjo ! WPS

Yeah right with Schiano picking the banjo ! WPS