Growing pains in Texas

As I’ve suspected all along, this team will have some real big games and some real head scratching road bumps as it gets all its brand new parts running together and fine tuned.

This was a road bump and I’m sure Muss will use the 90-60 spanking to get the attention of his kids and get them headed in the right direction.

I still have faith in Muss and the talent on this team to see it be very dangerous by January and a team no one wants in their bracket come March. I hope we get in a bracket with Texas. If I was a betting man and I am, I’d say even though the NCAA says they don’t tweak brackets for specific matchups, I’d almost bet the house after todays game we see them in the NCAA.

It was an exhibition game, but not much of an exhibition.

Yeah I know… I got to watch most of it.

This was a dose of humble pie! Rebounding the ball must be a priority!

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Texas is a veteran team with several players who have played a lot of games together, including last week against Houston. Arkansas’ players needed to see that today. They will get better from going to Austin. The experience and growth that comes from today might be the difference in an early-season game.


Not surprised by the loss. A little surprised by the point margin. Very surprised at how easily Texas players scored at the rim against our frontline players. On paper, it looked like Arkansas had a big advantage on the interior. Welp……not so.

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