Groves brothers are in the Portal

Tanner and Jacob Groves from Eastern Washington are in the Transfer Portal. Tanner is 6’9" and had 35 against Kansas. His younger brother Jacob is 6’7" and had 23 vs. Kansas. Both are excellent 3 pt. shooters and can really play. I’m sure that Muss will be all over this.

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Muss needs some of our guys to enter the portal if he truly is going to be all over the portal.

Or be like Saban and release some of them. Not saying he is or will but Saban did that in years 2-4 at Bama before he got his players he wanted. He got a lot of heat but no one cares now. Regulations have changed so some of his options are not so available now. Muss will get what he needs regardless.

Right. If everything stays as is, there’s room for only 1, maybe 2 transfers.

I hope everyone currently on the roster (excluding the 3 seniors – I know they all will be moving on) will be back next season.

If so, a very deep, talented and experienced team next season.

I have a feeling that Connor Vanover won’t be on the team next season though.

No insider “info’” just a gut feeling about him.

I feel like he might be “gently” pushed out the door to make room for another.

I think Connor will stay and a meaningful contributor before he leaves.

For someone with his build, a tough COVID bout before the season was particularly bad for his development and confidence this season.

I think we’ll see more from him next season.

You might be right, but I don’t get that feeling.

I also think it would be a quick way to turn the 2022 in-state recruits - and those people around them- in another direction if you showed an in-state player the door - gently or not.

Same would go for Ethan Henderson.

Current players, recruits, high school coaches and AAU coaches share a lot. They know when somebody leaves on their own or are shown the exit.

Tough decisions have to be made sometimes, but you have got to go about it the right way or it will burn you and your program

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I don’t get that feeling about Connor. His height and 3 point shooting is still something that Muss would want to invest in.

I do think there are three others that are candidates. I can visualize them sitting at the far end of the bench next year. I don’t think they will be pushed out because of what Dudley says above, but they will be the one to instigate it

I sense most transfers want to look at Arkansas hard. Muss has big opportunity to upgrade the roster if he wants to.

Exciting April and May coming up if one likes recruiting.

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