Group decision cancelling our plans to attend whatever bowl we get...

Not gonna go watch this and call it F U N

just inexcusable what we showed today in the 2nd half

And doesn’t justify a trip across town much less to another city

Not going there with you. I’m disgusted too.

But these are kids. They are kids playing for our alma mater. They deserve our support.

I’ll be there. I encourage all TRUE fans and alumni who can afford the trip and who go to bowl games to join my family.

See ya!! Won’t miss ya!

All of this…^^^^^

I can’t blame you. Money is one important thing but Time is our most precious commodity.

Having said that, count me in the group that can’t and won’t quit the Hogs.

As Seattlehog so poignantly put it, this is our tribe. And, I’m a lifer and the farthest thing from a quitter. And that’s coming from a guy who thinks today’s loss was one of the worst in the last 40 years.

was going if they won today. They have to earn my time and money. I will now put an extra $500 in the 501 gift plan.

See ya!! Won’t miss ya!

such a stupid thing to say. your dad must have bought your tickets.

Razorfox, YOUR reply is below his statement.
Anyone posting on this board, well almost everyone are Razorback fans. A HOT button for me is to label someone not a Fan. And then to say “Won’t miss ya!” and calling someone stupid is degrading. After adding insult why do you chose injury “your dad must have bought your tickets” . So you take it upon yourself to speak or treat this person with disrespect and scornful abuse.

So is this group not Fans? The group just made a statement.

After keeping my mother for 2 years after my Dad’s stroke. My mother was a huge Razorback fan. She passed last year at the age of 88. A true fan. As far as I know she made one Arkansas Razorback game. Period ONE. It was in NC year that I took my mother to that game. Was my Mother a fan or not? In my home my mother used a letter opener to cut out schedules and exceptional articles for me to read over the years. Some by a one Mr Orville Henry. They even rented from Mr John Barnhill. They knew him well. Was she a FAN. I have never understood people that say
See Ya!! Won’t maiss Ya!
such a stupid thing to say
your dad must have bought your tickets.
Or those that choose to leave a game early. Maybe they need to drive home and get up early for work.
OR maybe their knees at hurting so much they need to beat the crowd.

Rat over sleep well Razorfox.

PS these are great examples that some use. Never post after a tough loss.
Our kids played hard and 3 plays make the wolf’s come out.
I might add you have added a lot to HI, sometimes not so much…

If it’s in Nashville we’re going - great restaurants, night life, etc.

Otherwise the the new big screen looks fantastic.

I can’t blame anyone for deciding not to attend a bowl game. The cost, time and travel makes it tough. Not attending does not make you a fair weather fan IMO.
I’ve been rooting for the Hogs for over 5 decades and have yet to attend a bowl game. And I’m as rabid as they come. If they play in Nashville (Music City Bowl) I’ll be there since it’s only a couple of hours away and my daughter lives there.

I retire in June and our plan is to hit every SEC venue in our RV the next few years. I’m all in with the Hogs win or lose (prefer winning).

Our fan base has reason to be upset with the result yesterday. I was upset. Passion means you care. To quote and old favorite: Things are never as good as they seem or as bad as they seem. (Lou Holtz)

Go Hogs Go

I can assure you it’s some long time donors who rarely miss games

But the consensus was unanimous and it’s about 10 or so

We showed up in Houston and Memphis and have supported this program for decades but we kept exchanging texts & calls for post season plans and no one expressed enthusiasm to go (very similar to what was happening on the field)

We always hear ARK doesn’t travel well…BS…give us competive heart and passion and you’ll get in in return

I hate to see these types of attitudes after a loss, and it is more of a recent culture that drives this level of negative rants. Granted this was one of the worst losses in recent memory and more baffling because of the inconsistency all year. I just wish everyone would take a step back from this loss and enjoy time with their loved ones on this holiday of THANKS.

I rarely miss a Hog’s bowl game but I’m not sure the taste in my mouth right now is going away anytime soon. It’s like being in the Twilight Zone with this team and we all know that at the end of a TZ episode Rod Serling’s voiceover is going to explain how everything you believed in is completely turned upside down and reality is shattered. My Hog reality has been shattered this season.

You are pathetic… and so is the OP. Pathetic that you tie your self esteem to a group of kids playing a sport and acting like an ass. Did my Dady buy my tickets? Hilarious… When I was a child but who didn’t? He sure as the hell didn’t Buy them for me when I was on that sideline and the locker room you pathetic “fan”.

I was hoping for the Music City Bowl, wife’s sister lives in Clarksville, TN (bout an hour from stadium, don’t have to pay for hotel). Unfortunately, I think we played out of that yesterday, don’t know if I can afford another destination. Guess I’ll watch on the TV.