The Razorback groundskeepers sure do a good job. We have had a lot of crappy weather and they always have the field ready to go and looking good. they deserve a lot of credit for making it look good.


That’s true, and they have been doing that for years.

Very true. Tough job to do and they are excellent.

The mound for a little tacky on Kopps once tonight and that was all I really noticed. Man it is a tough job with very little reward other than when someon thanks them for a job well done.

Wick slipped trying to field that popup bunt, but that’s the only slip I remember. Grounds crew did an outstanding job.

We probably don’t appreciate that grounds crew enough. I’ve seen a lot of places that don’t look nearly as nice as ours even in good weather.

There are a few SEC programs with artificial turf fields. I hate those. Ours looks so much better.

Gator pitcher slipped on the swinging bunt, I believe, then kicked it.

Artificial turf baseball fields belong in the 70’s, along with Houston Astro rainbow unis and kissing bandits. On second thought, I’m OK with kissing bandits. As long as they are vaccinated.

Possible. I think I missed that play. Letting the cat out or something.

I understand why Misery and Kentucky have turf. They’d have a hard time playing in February and March otherwise. Which is why we had turf at George Cole Field.

But those fields with turf basepaths and mound like Vandy and EOE-K are just weird.

Did we have turf briefly at Baum or am I thinking of the back and forth from turf to grass at RRS?

I believe we did have turf at Baum for a little while, but it was a short-lived experiment. However, like you, I could be dreaming this.

Baum had turf when it was first built. You can see it in the lead photo for this story.

The stadium was turf through the end of Dave Van Horn’s first season. There was a change to grass in the summer of 2003.

Glad I wasn’t imagining turf at Baum.

There have been a lot of slips this year between mound and third base line. I guess that’s an area that’s low and holds water. But it seems like that’s always been a bit of an issue.

I’ve noticed a worn area where right fielder often stands.

Our field is over seeded Bermuda. Looks great all year.

Awesome read, must read. Thanks for the link. I got emotional reading this fine piece of Razorback lore.

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Yeah I’ve noticed a few slips along the third base line by pitchers trying to field bunts.

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