Groundhog Day Bracket Matrix

There were 108 brackets in the Matrix Tuesday at the last update. We were named on 104 of them, and our average seed on those 104 was 9.92, which is good for the best 11 seed on the Matrix.

I checked all four brackets that were listed as leaving us out; sometimes the Matrix is a day or two behind on updates and that bracket will have added us on the new update. But all four still have us out on their last update. One (the official USA Today bracketologist) has us #3 on the first four out list. The other three don’t mention us at all

I had one question about the Matrix that was answered yesterday. I saw a situation where a team with lower ratings was a 12 seed and a team with slightly higher ratings was out of the field. I questioned that, and the reason the team with lower ratings was in the field was that they were named on more brackets. Rating average determines the seed, but number of brackets gets you into his field.

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