Ground and pound the key to victory

Ole Miss is very average on the DL have one great linebacker in # 44 Campbell…
I think we line up and try to run straight at them, try to control the clock to limit their possessions The key to that is we must score touchdowns once we get down there and not have to settle for field goals like we’ve done before.

KJ went to North panola high School that is very close to Ole Miss. He will have a lot of people at the game probably,hopefully he will be able to put on a show.

I watched some of the OM-Alabama game and Ridgeway should have his way with their center who’s not very good at alI…think the key to their team outside of Corral is they have some very good running backs…I’m familiar with the Ealy kid because I coached against him. I’m not sure how healthy they are on the offensive line or at wide receiver they had some guys go down against Bama. We really need to win this game!


You’re correct youdaman. IMO this is a huge game, Huge! Then we need to hold serve and take the cheaters (auburn) and put them in their place. IMO again we need this W to help our confidence level. To bad the rest of the nation does get to play our schedule. Just see how many kids get hurt in the smash football of the SEC.We need our mojo back, again OMP we didn’t lose it and I think the crowd played a huge part in helping ulgy uga. Actually we could use a few breaks, ie turnovers. It would be great for 2 or at least 1. And no TO’s on our part. We need to flip the script and smash the traitors.

The record would be 6-1 and the fairy tale season is alive and well!!

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Our defense needs to get some turnovers too. I know that was big in game last year but going forward we need to help offset our penalty issues, special teams concerns and slow offensive starts until we are more consistent. Turnovers give us some margin of error if we can get them.

I would add that future recruiting will solve most of those concerns but that is in future.

Turnovers will play a big role in this game just like last year. Stopping a play on fourth down same as a turnover. Lane will go for it on fourth down in every game. It was the big play in the Texas game.


Corral is a gunslinger he plays a lot like Brett favre.He will give you some chances to make plays, you just got to be in position to do so like we were last year.

Agree there Clay.

We won last year based on turnovers. Odds are that will not be the case this year. We will have to earn it a different way.

We will attempt to play bully ball until we are significantly behind. Can they stop it?

Not a Kiffin fan, but he is smart and he knows Briles offense really well. I expect him to sellout to stop the run. I’ll be shocked if he somehow doesn’t deploy a four man front in some fashion.

I think this will come down to midfield throws and QB runs.

We should want that. This is how we get our big plays. They have to pick their poison. If they have the talent up front to stop us without committing to the point of shrinking the secondary, then we are in trouble. If not, we will be in good shape. Throw in a couple turnovers to us and we win comfortably.

I do think more defenses are going to leave the middle of the field open against us until we prove we can hit those quick post patterns. I feel like Georgia did some of that. The only routes I saw open last week in the limited time KJ had to throw were over the middle. He is going to have to kit those for our offense to take the next step.

I don’t judge the a&m second half offense production like some others. I think our head coach is going to play conservatively with a lead (and 2nd string quarterback). Especially when the defense is playing the way they were against them. He didn’t think their quarterback could beat us and was correct. I expect to see us get back to running the ball until they show they are committed to stopping with more bodies. If KJ can’t be accurate in some fashion to produce points when opportunities present themselves, then he shouldn’t be our quarterback. I think he can and will.

This game will not be like a&m game. We will definitely want to keep the hammer down when we get the lead because they have a great quarterback who can mount a comeback. So look for KJ to have his highest attempts this week. Then the running game will kick in even more against a beat up team and we win going away.

This discussion and CSP’s comments regarding needing to get bigger up front is sounding all too familiar to me. I will never forget our game against Texas Tech in 2014 (in Lubbock) where we rushed for seven touchdowns and ran it down their throat all day long. One of Tech’s QBs at the time was Patrick Mahomes (can’t remember whether he started that game). And, their coach at the time was Kingsbury – air raid offense. Of course, CSP was our O line coach at that time.

Anyway, as I said, all too familiar. Obviously our coaches realize we must control time of possession and limit Corral’s opportunities. Ground and pound baby. Ground and pound! Our offense must adapt to the game circumstances.

Mahommes was not the QB in the game Arkansas played in Lubbock. It was Davis Webb. That was the coming out party for Eric Mitchel. He was fantastic playing the slot receiver as the nickel back.

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May have been a guy named Webb. Point is, it was a high octane offense with Kingsbury at the helm. We needed to limit their time of possession.

Our posts obviously crossed in the web.

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It will be very interesting to see if Ole Miss goes to a four-man front. I would not be surprised but they never tried to change last week when they were getting ran over and neither did we… I have never understood when it’s obviously broke you don’t try to fix it.

Actually the Hogs got in a 4-man front with four down in fourth quarter. It was not for many snaps.

Yeah I noticed that and we did a little better but Georgia had their second string in there at that time.

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