Grinch or Golding?

Outside perhapsVenables, those are the only ones who match.up well with the Hammer Down, Full Tilt Boogie.

Grinch, if you believe the rumors, is headed to Ohio St. to be the successor to Greg Schiano. Golding is headed to Alabama. Both are off the list for us.

I would say it is Chavis once they work out his buyout. If not him, possibly Tony Gibson from West Virginia.

Gibson would be great but reckon he would leave WV again?

Chad Glasgow, TCU. 12th in the country in points allowed,17.6. Can recruit Texas and Oklahoma.
Hope Chad gives Chad a call.

Jimmy Lake

Lake developed the best secondary in college football last year and played a big role in Washington’s playoff run. Folks inside the business rave about Lake, as do people who have worked with him before. He also has spent a half-dozen seasons in the NFL as an assistant, and he seems like he’d be a decent fit pretty much anywhere in the country.