Gregory Brooks Jr.

Chances on flipping him from Miss State now?

probably the same chances we have at getting Kelly Bryant

Nothing at all would surprise me ion the recruiting front. Brooks may come just for the chance to play immediately. You really never know. Kelly Bryant just has one year left to play so his decision is a lot different.
Maybe he decides to trust CCM and come or go elsewhere. But you can take what he said about CCM and rest assured he can build relationship with players.
It will all come out in the wash.

Those two situations are totally different.

I don’t do percentages much because it is a simple guess at times.

I would rather report what they say and what I hear from people who should know.

I do think - and it’s a guess - that if Brooks was going to flip, he would have by now. But we’ll see.

As for KB, people up here who should know continue to be positive about it.