Gregg Marshall interesting name...

Clearly a highly accomplished coach, having built a powerhouse at 2 different mid majors (1st Winthrop and then WSU).

Has turned down a lot of offers over the years to stay at WSU (sort of a poor mans Mark Few).

Has a reputation for being an excellent coach but a prickly jerk–sounds very familiar to a prior football coach of ours?

Will be interesting to see how it plays out

It seems things are at a different stage with Wichita than when he turned down Alabama and others over the past few years. The Shockers changed conferences last year and probably will not been as dominant in the American as they were in the MVC. Plus, Kansas State appears to have emerged as the No. 2 program in the state behind Kansas.

If you’re wondering whether he would use Arkansas to leverage a new contract at Wichita, he has seven years remaining there at $3.5 million per year.

Another note: I read that Marshall had a daughter in high school at the time he was targeted by Alabama and North Carolina State, but now his children are adults.

Interesting on the money. I wonder if we made an offer would Wichita counter (and can the afford to). Honestly, if I was them I’d do a Coach Cal lifetime contract with him, there’s no way Wichita State ever does better than him, he will forever be the best coach they ever have, at least in our lifetime.

That is essentially what he already has. I looked a little more into his contract and it a seven-year contract that renews every year through 2022. So he could essentially be under contract there through 2029.

Wichita has deep ties to the aircraft industry, so the money to match others is there. Marshall and his wife also have bonded with the people around Wichita, and that as much as anything else is what keeps them there.

Aircraft industry isn’t in real great shape right now; you may have noticed that Boeing has taken some major hits recently with nosediving 737s, and 737 fuselages are, I believe, built in Wichita. But Wichita does have the Koch brothers, whose name is on their arena. The Kochs are higher on the Forbes list of billionaires than any Walton. Either family, however, could pay our coach’s salary out of what they find in their sofa cushions.

The Koch brothers are unbelievably wealthy, no doubt, but their fortune is divided in to a lot less pieces than the Walton family. The whole Walton family combined has a lot more than the whole Koch family. Which of course, means absolutely nothing, the Waltons have certainly contributed a lot of money to the UA, but they don’t seem nearly as rabid about sports as someone like T Boone Pickens at OSU. These days, the Waltons are more inclined to give for academics or art, than for sports.

I recall his last contract was big. Does he not make over $3m a year?

$3.5 million according to the USA Today coaching database.

Man, we will have to spend at least $4m to get him. Is he worth that much? His record does not support that kind of money.

How does it not?

If you decide you have to get a “name” to satisfy the PTB, or the fans, or both, and you then decide Marshall is the best available, I guess you pay him just about whatever it takes. He does have that FF on his resume, but only one other SS appearance. Is that worth $4m+?

Something I found interesting was how personnel wise his and Anderson’s last two seasons parallel each other: Lost a ton of players off 2017-18 roster. Returned one stud (McDuffie) for 2018-19 team that ends up in NIT invite.

Making a final four at a mid major, also a SS is definitely going to demand 4mill level money if the coach is on the move.

Chris Beard got 3.175 for making it to the round of 32.

I think a FF along with Marshals history = worthy of 4 mill. He’s made two mid majors, relevant. One of them, very relevant. Both of which have been better basketball programs than us over the last 2 decades.

Taking two mid majors to 14 NCAA tournaments out of 21 seasons, is pretty dang impressive. Making the FF, SS, and as well as being the AP coach of the year winner, along with the other coach of the year awards. He also won an NIT championship in there. Who is already making 3.5, it’ll take 4 and deservedly so.

Typically, to me it seems atleast. Unless you find that rare lightening in a bottle, you better pony up. Very hard to win a a discount. MA was the 39th highest paid coach in CB this year.

If we want a top 25 program… maybe we should try and scoot on into it with someone who’s been at a mid major that’s been a top 25 program over the last decade.

Actually Gregg and Mike outdid Bob Huggins with a similar situation. Bob had a losing season.

This is purely a guess, with nothing substantial to back it up, but from everything I’ve heard from all kinds of sources, and putting on my ex-reporter hat to try to sift the valid info from the garbage, I don’t think it will be Marshall. I could be wrong. He might not be who I would want to hire if I’m the AD, but he wins and he doesn’t cheat that we know of. We could do a whole lot worse.

Boeing builds a lot more airframes than the 737 series. There is a LOT of money wrapped up in just one aircraft, and that in and of itself speaks volumes of the kind of end item $$$ is involved.

Did some further research. Boeing, and its subcontractor Spirit AeroSystems, are still a big deal in Wichita but lots of other aviation companies there as well, mainly Textron, which combined Cessna and Beechcraft. But I did see a story in the Wichita Eagle that they’re not sure yet how much grounding the 737 Max will hurt the local industry.

Do sources say he doesn’t like us or just doesn’t want to move or something?

I would think we might make him 4 or 4.5 m man otherwise after we swing for Beard