Greg Warren: Creepiest sports cheer


I dare Mr. Warren to do that bit in Warren Arkansas. Them Lumberjacks might do ugly things to him….

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Yeah, i found that so not funny.

Let the rest of the country continue to think of us as rednecks while we continue to have the best overall sports program in the SEC.

It was kinda funny, but hopefully it keeps a few people from discovering what a wonderful place this is to be.
Traffic is bad enough as it is.


He is a comedian

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And I like sarcasm. He’s not a good comedian. Obviously

I’m as homer as it gets but I found it funny. The key to comedy is exaggeration. He’s got it a bit wrong tho. In a game with 80,000 people doing it, that’s the best time to ever hear a hog call (or in BWA). To me, I personally think it can get “creepy” (or perhaps awkward) when done say at an introductory press conference for a coach, perhaps at a restaurant for recruits, a random wedding, or a sports bar. Just my take.

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Don’t judge Greg by that one joke. I suggest watching his special “Where the Field Corn Grows”.

I have heard/seen him for more than a decade and think he is entertaining. He is from St Louis and bases a lot of his comedy on growing up as a Midwest kid.

One of my favorites. “I wrestled in high school. One day I had to run laps the entire practice because I was late. My dad was my coach … and he drove me to practice!”


It’s only creepy when the uninformed include howling as part of the Hawg call.


Those are secret Red Wolves fans, howling at the moon.


Didn’t have a problem with it. It’s comedy.

That bit wasn’t exactly getting a lot of laughs.

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Got a laugh at my house. Guess I just fairly thick skin

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