Greg Schanio

What about him if they let CBB go?

Tough but I don’t want him coming here thinking he can recruit Ohio and New Jersey to u of a.

Knows defense

Interesting thought


I would be in favor. If Bret is let go.

Would be Blielema Lite

Maybe but i was thinking Petrino Lite, better def and maybe hire a good OC of keep CDE

Please no. We need an energetic coach and that can recruit and put a staff together that can recruit When I watch Bama and they run exclusively out of shotgun tells me something if saban will switch.

His act wears thin. Tampa players hated him. Has no ties to the south or Texas so not sure why you think he would work. IF Brett is let go he is proof you have to have some ties to the south in some capacity. You wanna think out of the box go former briles man Dino babers.

I’m not saying I’d be in favor of him, but a good coach will adapt to the area by hiring recruiters who know how to recruit Texas and other parts of the south. Whatever happens, the new coach (if there is one) should be guided to keep Lunney and Michael Smith for the territories they recruit.

Folks you do realize that most high schools in Texas now run the spread. Makes it hard to project those kids to positions outside of that system. Need more Louisiana and Alabama kids in our program.

I agree 100%. you get the speed players from Texas, Cb, RB, WR and maybe safety but OL will need to come from the rest.

Most think Miss does not have very many D1 players but those Jr colleges have good players from around the country.

Can we get some of them?

Schanio is a good coach and may be an ass who may be what we need now.

Not really my choice just threw it out there

schanio may be ok will he recruit texas we need a recruiting cordinator why is very few interested in Scott FROST C Florida coach got good offensive mind

His first move will be to hire Robb Smith as defensive coordinator.

Yep. I had the same thought. They go way back.

Bo Pelini. Former defensive coordinator for the LSU Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Bo Pelini

Already failed at a school with similar recruiting challenges as Arkansas.

He did not fail. He never won fewer than nine games at Nebraska and won four division titles in seven seasons. His downfall was his temper, and to a lesser extent the outrageous expectations at Nebraska.

It seems to be that either Fla or Neb will be his landing spot