Greg Norman

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The US consumes ~20mm barrels of crude oil/d - its a lot easier to say let’s ‘wean’ ourselves from fossil fuels than actually doing it. Too many derivatives from crude to just cut off the spigot. We (the US) are roughly 5% of the world population, however we consume 20% of the oil

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That’s not what I said. I said we import approximately the same amount as we export. I said nothing about oil reserves.

BTW, there are other reasons we aren’t going for that oil now. One is that it’s technically difficult (and expensive) to extract; not even the current inflated oil prices make it profitable. It’s cheaper to import than to extract from our own reserves.

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Oil leases are one thing,…getting permits is another…lets see, …no new drilling in the gulf,no new drilling in the permian basin. Drilling was forced to shut down in anwar in alaska and we had the pipeline shut down from canada…but we would rather hire these huge tankers that take days to go to the middle east or Venezuela…these tankers burn 2000 gal an hour going both ways…wind blades after killing millions of birds including eagles, and condors every year cannot be recycled and have to be buried after about 5-6 years…once everyone has electric cars there will be millions of very large,toxic and very expensive batteries being dumped every year. We will have to be beholding to china for our batteries and solar panels or strip mine America to find rare earth minerals…not to mention brownouts with everyone trying to charge their batteries, fights over public charging stations…this kind of info is constantly being suppressed…youre called a climate denier if you ask questions…i just think we need to slow down and look at all the facts carefully…
There a lot of people getting very wealthy off pushing all this…


You hit several nails in one lick, a most informative post! The majority of the people in the US (or World) don’t have the faintest clue as to what drives industry, economies. Everyone has been lied to for so long (by all politicians)


Best post I’ve seen in awhile.


There was a moment about 50 years ago when we had a chance to start weaning ourselves off oil, the extraction and burning of which has helped wreck our environment (and enriched our ideological adversaries). Oil companies today are making record profits. Record. Profits.


Those poor companies…with the pump price dropping we should all send any savings between the 1st of July and today’s pump price to Exxon to keep them afloat. To your point, American management and technology developed natural resources around the world and in many of those cases, the national governments to some degree either became the managing partner or assumed ownership.

Our best bet toward more energy independence is in the power grid for our homes, factories, and offices. It’s not in automobiles and trucks. We can build those type of resources through renewable energy primary sources with backup redundancies based on fossil fuels.

Sorry,…the rush to green energy without proper infrastructure in place is is going to hurt the poorest of us …we are rushing headlong like a runaway train …reminds me of Jethro Tulls locomotive breath…“the train wont stop,…but it could at least slow down”…

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Of course it’s not about the Saudis. It’s about the blessed PGA keeping it’s monopoly on the sport. It’s about keeping players locked in and treating them as they please. Let’s also be honest here. The PGA doesn’t really care about it’s mid level players. Only players with nick names like Tiger, Lefty, Sevi, or The Golden Bear. God forbid the mid level guys have any say or power.

Interesting that this post morphed into a discussion on energy. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind a bit. I do find it very interesting. If fossil fuels are indeed killing us and the planet, why beg countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, Russia, and Venezuela to produce more of this poison? This may come as a shock to some, but America and the West are not the biggest producers of green house gases. It’s the above countries with China and India on top of the polluters list. Why punish us and Europe and give these mostly Authoritarian countries a pass. Climate change is a global problem. Not just a Western one. Or so we are told.

Can’t believe this has not been shut down…

Nothing to shut down. The conversations have been mostly insightful and respectful.

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This is the truth. WE were all energy independent and BOOM here comes the worst leadership in history.

And Greg Norman has nothing to do with this. It’s political and I don’t like the responses, one bit…

I don’t believe most understand that the Tour players set their own rules. Hard to comprehend for any outside the Tour that the players themselves did not know what would happen. It was clear to me. You are welcome to play somewhere else. But not both. The idea is to protect their sponsors and their charities. That is the money trail for the players. The best win the most but you never know who will be the best. When I see that Taylor Moore is 81st with $1.3 million there are not worries from me for mid level players.

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Of course not. No entertainment value watching guys who barely make the cuts. And I would say the PGA is more interested in protecting their monopoly and bottom line then their sponsors or charities. Why improve or innovate when your the only game in town. I would just like to know is what is the downsize to competition for the PGA? Competition makes you get better or you die. LIV could very well fail in.a year or two. Then those golfer would either go to Europe, or grovel and beg the PGA to take them back. I would suspect the PGA would take their time allowing those golfers back in. They would do so piece meal. Letting maybe 2 or 3 back in year by year ensuring ther best playing and earning years would be well behind them.

It’s not about the source of the money - that’s just a PR weapon. If it was, Brandel Chamblee would be calling in the green jackets in Augusta to remove Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player as the ceremonial starters at The Masters.

Jack’s currently designing a course there and Player is a paid “ Ambassador” for Golf Saudi, Inc.