Greg Norman

Just watched the evil traitor Greg Norman on that horrible network that shall not be named for fear of this post being pulled. I am a bit confused. Greg Normal didn’t appear to be a sell out or a slave to the Saudis. In fact, he pointed out that the beloved PGA , and it’s sponsors do about 45 billion in business in the Kingdom. Why doesn’t the PGA cut ties with the Kingdom and the sponsors? And it appears the biggest sponsor of the LPGA is a company headquartered in the Kingdom. What gives? Why all the LIV hate? Why loathed the Saudis and not the Communist Government in the Peoples Republic that the NBA makes billions off of? What makes the Saudis Human Rights Record more evil than the Peoples Republic?

To the PGA Tour, it is not about the Saudis. It is about their rules and breaking the contract the players signed. If It was the UK raiding the Tour for a 14-event tour, they would be suspended.

Ya ever heard of 9/11? That is what tends to get most folks nether regions all chapped about the Saudi’s. A big chunk of our country didn’t like the president visiting in an attempt to stabilize oil prices, etc., which seems to be something we have almost 100% agreement on.

The kingdom wanted the US to come help them! But when any problem is over they treat you like dirt when you heading out to leave.
Ask some oilfield folks that were at work and escorted to the airport without as much as a suitcase! They are not our friends.

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American technology and personnel developed Oil & Gas exploration and producing operations for every country on the planet. These countries then tore up the contracts that bound them to the terms of their agreements for the US companies for developing their industries and seized multi-billions in equipment owned by the US companies. All of the OPEC countries, Russia and Central/South America.


I don’t know a lot about LIV, but what I do know is that the players get a paycheck every time they play, something the PGA doesn’t offer. This is all about money, with a secure cash flow for the players. And, with some, it’s an opportunity to make great money while not having to play as many tournaments. Loyalty to the PGA is one thing. Adherence to contracts is another. Golf is a business, for players and organizations. It will be interesting to watch. If the LIV falls apart, will the PGA welcome the LIV players back into the fold?

I don’t like China any more than I don’t like Saudi Arabia. I don’t watch the NBA and I don’t watch the PGA. Contracts are contracts. You don’t see a NBA player also with a basketball contract from another league. Fact of the matter is Saudi Arabia isn’t our ally any more than China is. People choose to do business with them because they are more “western” than some other countries in that region. The US feels like they need some influence in that region and I understand why but I don’t like it! I understand why it’s important to get a colonoscopy too but I don’t like it either.

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What a great 2 sentences! I’m still chuckling. Excellent comparison.

It also hits home a bit as I’m now nearly a year past scheduling another colonoscopy, following a perfect report 10 years ago. I think I’ll call my GP and get a referral.


PGA Tour is in bed with China about as much as LIV is in bed with the Saudis, and the DP Tour (Europe) is worse than the PGA Tour. Not fond of either country.

Part of the deal with the Saudis, I think, is the old saying that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. They have participated in our sanctions against Iran and Iraq and were allied with us during the Cold War and the Gulf War, among other areas of cooperation.

And, of course, US oil companies have made a boatload of money in Arabia. Aramco started out as the Arabian American Oil Company; the Saudis didn’t buy out the company until 1988.

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This discussion is the primary reason that our country needs to become independent again, both in energy & with our trading partners. Understand that our dependence & funding of the Middle East, China, Russia, & other adversaries to buy their oil & other products only funds our enemies & arms them so that they can damage our country, both economically & otherwise. It took us awhile to get into this mess & will take us longer to become independent again, assuming that is possible.
Not intended to be a political statement, only recognition of the risks of foreign influence over us, including American sports.


The PGA Tour never chopped a WaPo journalist into bits and pieces. The PGA Tour never trained a number of suicide bombers to kill thousands of Americans on 9.11.2001.

Equating the PGA Tour to the Saudi Arabian government is some mental hijinks that is quite impressive.


We are good at being dumb. Hypocrisy is a well worn coat.
I suppose this is a perfect example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. The pain is very real for our shrinking middle class and devastating for low income folks. Go beg the Saudi’s and Venezuela to increase their oil export while we kill thousands of high paying jobs. DUMB. It’s certainly not going so well in Sir Lanka. DUMB. We will probably double down on dumb and reap unimaginable mass migration and famine. NBA is a disgrace. [Sports related?!].

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Blame it on our naive view of free enterprise & competition, world markets, big $ foreign & domestic lobbyists (especially energy), & subsidized foreign entities where the level playing field is not in our favor. We are victims of our own past success, corruption, & greed.

The amount of oil we import and the amount we export are roughly equal. But I don’t think an edict that we have to keep all the oil we produce here at home would go over well.

The only thing that is going to break those ties would be to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, and that process isn’t going over well either.

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The Saudis, Russians, & others can extract oil much cheaper than the US. US Oil industry learned its lesson in 2014 when Saudis dumped crude oil & dropped the price to from $111 to $34, thereby shutting down US production & wiping out profits & incentives for future domestic production.

Oil industry & investors never forgot that & why the industry balks at making the capital investment again to renew domestic exploration. As you state, weaning us off fossil fuels may be the only path to US energy independence.

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I see 11 LIV players filed an antitrust suit against the PGA Tour. I don’t have any sympathy. They say they’re independent contractors and should be able to work where they want. Fine. I used to be an independent contractor too. But that didn’t mean I could work in two competing clinics at the same time. If I was showing up for work at Clinic B while Clinic A was having a clinic day, Clinic A would have told me to take a hike. The Tour rules for a long time have been that you had to get a release to play on any other tour and they didn’t have to give you that release. So it’s not like they created this rule just to keep people away from the Saudis.


Those Saudis would cut their throats and laugh! No sympathy here for you stupid money hungry dumb a’s.

You will no doubt be shocked to learn that Whiny Phil Mickelson is one of the spoiled brats, uh golfers, suing the Tour.

Aramco is the largest funder of the LPGA tour…27 corporations that sponsor the pga tour do $40 billion of business in Saudi Arabia…Bob Costas called the LIV tour blood money as he spent 3 weeks broadcasting the Chinese genocide games. NBA cowtows to the Chinese and no one says a word…Charles Barkley had it right…we ALL take blood money…some are just hypocritical about it…


Not the primary reason but I don’t watch the PGA, LPGA or the NBA. Don’t buy Nike crap either. There’s other brands where I can get branded Razorback gear.

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