Greg Marshall?

He wants the Arkansas job.

Good hire or no?

Wouldn’t be a bad hire. I would exhaust other avenues first. Sure wouldn’t be opposed to it if he got it.

Homerun hire in my book

Got Wichita in NIT Final 4. Could be who Yurachek’s waiting on.

I’d take him over Musselman. Easily.

Interesting that Marshall’s name has popped up. Makes you wonder if Sampson backed out.

Marshall was my first choice back in 2011.

Who are your sources ? Marshall is a good coach.

First of all, it’s Gregg with two G’s.

Second, why do you think he wants the job? I’ve seen nothing that indicates he does. And he has 3.5 million reasons to stay in Wichita.

dudley seems to think he is hard to work with. not press friendly maybe, no clue. not sure, but i think i read where there were a lot of transfers. WSU seems to have fallen off the map lately.

but if this is who HY wants then it’s ok with me.

I would take Marshall but would prefer Musselman. Marshall is kinda creepy to me! ghg

Seems to me that Marshall is a good coach and did very well with Wichita State while they were playing in the Valley, but since moving to the American conference he hasn’t been able to sustain that type of success whic gives me pause to see him being able to attract and recruit the type of players to get us to where we want to be in the SEC,

Go Hogs!

They’ve been in the AAC two years. WSU went 14-4 in conference play the first year, 10-8 the second. According to the Wikipedia page for the current season, they lost TWELVE players from the 2018 Shockers, including Austin Reaves (six seniors, one went pro and five transferred), and added eight signees. So their roster turnover is like ours was this year, only worse. The eight guys they added were seven 3-stars and an unrated player.

They also started VERY slowly this year and improved immensely throughout the season, giving Cincy a serious challenge in the conference tournament. They are on the verge of winning the NIT. That’s the good news.

The bad news is he’s not a people person. It’s more than not getting along with the media. He’s abrasive, demanding and rude. Think Bobby Petrino at the Cotton Bowl. The five transfers from a wildly successful team ought to give one pause as well. There was also an incident last year during an off-season tour in which he had an ugly confrontation with referees.

A guy like Marshall will be the polar opposite of MA when it comes to dealing with staff, administrators, boosters and fans. There’s no doubt his teams play well, especially on defense, and improve. Winning forgives a lot of sins.

I’ve heard that about him, and it’s one reason I’m not on his bandwagon. The HCs in football and basketball are in many ways the face of the university; heck in Arkansas we’re talking the entire state. A lot of people don’t know who Joe Steinmetz is and wouldn’t recognize his picture, but they know Chad Morris and Mike Anderson. And they knew Bobby Petrino when he was being the same kind of jackass.

Family member employed in Wichita athletic dept.

lol, marshall is kinda creepy looking…

Wichita has struggled since making move to AAC. Not sure why. Recruiting maybe the problem? Marshall not known as top-notch recruiter.

Actually, checking their record…Wichita has done better past 2 years in AAC than I thought…lot of roster turnover last couple of years…

See my post above. They went 14-4 and finished second in the AAC the first year, 10-8 and finished sixth the second year with enormous roster turnover – six seniors and five transfers. They signed eight players last year, none better than a 3-star.

Wow! That sounds shockingly familiar! ghg